Which is why the burning cathedral seemed to me to be symbolic of the inevitable. That entire institution is burning, and I think those in power at that institution and those who feed into that power are very, very touchy about it. They are grieving and more than just a cathedral. The true believers are losing their religion…coming to terms with the fact that it never was what it claimed to be.

The power mongers are fighting for their corrupt lives and are desperately trying to return to the status quo.

If you point out the further hypocrisy of that particular institution, yes these people will lash out irrationally. Losing one’s religion is painful. I feel for the true believers. Their world is crumbling. It’s frightening I’m sure.

As for the power mongers, losing power is a death sentence. Expect nothing less than them manipulating this situation to their entire advantage. Gotta replace that money paid out to all those white victims of sexual abuse that received settlements; and they are certainly not trying to share any funds/spotlight with faiths involving people of color. If that’s an expectation, then, you haven’t been paying attention to what these institutions are really about, power, colonialism, imperialism, patriarchy. But never about faith in God…that was always a very clever facade.

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