Which makes you wonder (or at least make me wonder) if that is not part of the attraction? They had the insane desire to get close to someone that for so long has been so utterly deadly…just for the thrill of it. Just for the bad boyness of it, which is to say, just to piss off her thralls of white male droolers, and ever word hanger on-ers…and did it work?

Did that ploy to get a taste of the forbidden fruit, really piss off her base…and, if it did, did she experience the blowback? Did they?

I know they have from black women (as even I who follow neither was blown away by the Charlemagne tweets) but from white men? As blatantly racist as many of her followers are, it would not surprise me if we were to one day find either one of them hanging from a tree.

And, given that they have opened themselves up to that possibility, (but probably more likely opened more vulnerable black males up to the white male racist anger and hostility that has always, always, always been, at least in part, tied up into sex — or more specifically the extreme fear that black men will have sex with white women- ) I have a question, especially for Charlemagne — was it worth it?

Throwing black women and black men under the bus so that you could stand next to Tomi Lauren, looking silly, and simple and stupid, right along side her, was it worth it? Did it get you off, my brother? What a nut.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!