While that may be true, that is very unfortunate for their children. If people cannot be moved to entertain different ideas, for the sake of their children, they probably can’t be moved by any sort of appeal to reason or rationale thought. I certainly don’t see it as my responsibility to plead with people to do what is in the best interest of their own children. I tell the truth, as I see it; and I’ve not gotten many dismissive responses to this comment. I think this is because parents know, deeply in their hearts, that teaching their children in such a way that prepares them best to live a healthy, happy life is win/win for all involved. And, most parents are willing to consider making sacrifices, even ideological sacrifices, for the sake of their children’s future.

So many want to hold on to all sorts of realities that are just gone. You are correct, that there is an extraordinary amount of defensiveness, that is often raised when anyone points out the reality of a given situation. My response is always: It is what it is.

Yes, the climate is changing. Arguing about it ad naseam will not change this. Yes, America has very rapidly become, a very multi-cultural place. For those who are utterly freaked out by this (and there are many), their inability to cope with that new reality, is not going to change what it is; and trying to battle against it violently (will and already has) made American a far more dangerous place — for everyone.

If the truth, and if reality, is just too much for anyone to deal with…if they find truth and reality too threatening, they’ve got far bigger problems than being turned off by anything that I might write. But this is a valid criticism, that I am sure is true. I think there is an underlying assumption however, that I am attempting to convince those who are most in need of convincing. I’m not the one for that job. That’s not my responsibility. I’d say it’s the responsibility of those closest to these people, probably even, (and in some cases it has been) the children themselves.

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