While you are very good, amazing actually, at describing American power structures (which are not the American people), you fail to recognize that this power structure (colonial and imperialist in nature) has been exported globally, and thus began with Great Britain.

Everywhere human potential is suppressed. Certainly in China and in India, where there are literally billions of people treated like trash — and while certainly not American in culture, China and India have co-opted all of America’s vicious, capitalistic, imperialist ruthlessness, for their own purposes.

And while China (real talk) will bring African-Americans over in a student cultural student exchange program, and run tests on them to try and understand their innate creativity (to mimic it), they are still unapologetically racist…and sell black face paraphernalia like they are Disney products.

Great Britain is Americas creepy, pedo cousin. Great Britain groomed America to be the super predator that it is.

Great Britain taught America everything it knows. And while Great Britain lost its hold on the world after WWII, if not for that, it would absolutely BE America today.

King George WAS Trump….(God why won’t these mfers DIE OUT already!)

King George’s cruelty and craziness is the REASON there even is an America!

Great Britain is very similar to America. It even has its own Trump. Boris is Trump with a funky British nose and accent.

And the poverty. If you want to see tragically poor white people, watch the BBC, being real about what it’s like to live over there. White trash, was a term developed in Great Britain to describe the people they didn’t want to help, and wanted to throw away, like trash.

So what did they do? They sent these people to America! You sitting over in London hurling all these accusations at America (and Americans) is really some pot/kettle/black ish. Everything America is -is largely because of Great Britain. All the insane cruelty, all the lack of love for human life, all the barbarism, it all traces right back to your country.

Great Britain no better than America. You are crazy projecting all of its flaws onto America, because you don’t have the courage to be honest about where YOU live, but want to say something.

But hey, America is an easy scapegoat for the cruelty of the world. In terms of cruelty and unconsciousness, America has surpassed almost all the countries because not only do we have plenty of it at home, America exports this inhumane cruelty all around the world.

And all around the world you have a deep suppression of human potential, but you simply cannot blame America for that. America is the symptom, not the cause, of a deeply human problem. We have met the enemy-and it is us.

Working with the Light!

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