“White people know white people” exactly; and it’s time for greater numbers to stop acting like they don’t.

Because nothing that has happened this past year, from Trump getting elected to the protestors clash in Charlottesville, is all that shocking. With regard to the state of race relations, black Americans understand exactly why we are where we are now. We saw this coming with the election of Barack Obama. None of this extreme racism and hatred that is surfacing is all that shocking to any of us. Especially not the Boomers. They warned us about all of this. As a Gen Xer, even in my cynicism, I thought maybe as a nation, we had moved beyond this. Now it’s clear to me we have not.

But when it comes to racism in America, many white Americans feign ignorance and I get it. Everyone does this when faced with an ugly problem, that is not particularly their problem. Why take a stand on an ugly, difficult and intractable issue? Especially, when you don’t even have the words to start, or if voicing your opinion leads to attack?

The short answer is that this hate will come for you too, infect your life in unforeseen ways, it will make us all miserable. No one wants this kind of hate to spread and grow.

So you learn just a few simple words; that will lead to learning more. Also, engage in the dialogue. Really consider what it means to be white in America. (Which really means nothing, as that has to be qualified with so many other things before any real identity is discovered.) But, in some select instances it means you’re in a position of power that you can use for good.

You eat an elephant one bite at a time, and if lots of people are eating, you may only need to take a few bites.

Working with the Light!

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