Who is full of hyperbole now?

In DC, North meets South and both meet THE WORLD.

I worked for many years at the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. Do you know which airports are managed by that organization? Dulles and Reagan National. Do you know where Dulles International is? Chantilly, Virginia. Do you know who Dulles employed? Every self proclaimed “redneck” they could find from any where further South. Virginia is definitely the South.

Do you have any idea how much shit I had to deal with, how many complaints had to be resolved, physical fights popping off, employees disciplined and employees resisting, and just generally cutting up over all that confederate craziness????

I’m guessing you don’t, cause as far as I know, you never worked at Dulles.

Anyway…I know that Southern craziness very well cause it was MY JOB to try and resolve that North/South antagonism for many years. It is VERY REAL. It is unresolved to this DAY.

And I’m here to tell ya, when North meets South, or better yet when THE WORLD 🌎 meets South (cause Dulles is an INTERNATIONAL airport) it POPS OFF! Believe that. When Middle Easterners are coming into to Dulles (essentially the South) it POPs OFF!!!

So believe me, I know what I am talking about. I know the Southern mindset…because when someone’s job is on the line, because they’ve done something real stupid, like hang a noose on someone’s locker…they get real humble and real honest and it’s all come to Jesus.

I know the Southern heart, because it was my job to do so. And I having had that job for many years, I come from a place of nonjudgment about the way Southerners feel.

I am not judging them for their feelings, all I am saying is that they have to be acknowledged before their can be any movement forward.

Those feelings are real and deep, albeit in some areas misguided I think, but they are not baseless. Southerners have valid reasons for feeling they way they do, when they racially attack blacks, however, they are projecting their Southern resentment at the wrong people because the real cause of their woes are the powerful Northern forces that won that Civil War and caused them so much grief.

It is unrealistic for Southerners to feel betrayed by blacks who don’t wanna be slaves. (And that’s me, just so ya know.) I encountered, in my career, quite a few Southern men who just didn’t know how to deal with me. Cause no, I wasn’t gonna do the Lil shucking and jiving dance just to make them feel comfortable. And besides, I didn’t know that dance. I grew up in the Midwest where we have an entirely different sort of racism and entirely different dances.

So listen up, I get that like most white people, and certainly like most Southern white people, you have no desire to be really honest about race, or race relations in the South. You just want everything to stay status quo and for blacks to “know their place.” Which is whatever place a white man decides it should be.

Believe you me. I KNOW that Southern mentality quite intimately. You have no idea…I went toe to toe with a man who had a Robert E. Lee complex…and I ain’t back down and he backed the f@cl up off of me.

Because I know the law…and I know other things. I’m like Tyrion (my favorite GoT character) “I drink and I know things!”

Best line ever!!!!!

Anyway, DC is where North not only meets South, but where both North and South meet the WORLD. In that meeting room, North is embarrassed by South, finds South to be a backwards embarrassment, that reflects poorly on America.

Now, I’m not saying North is right! I am not saying that. But I am just letting you know, should Dulles cops, harass and intimidate a Saudi Prince, worth billions, call him something like a “sand nigger.” Well let me tell you, North is going to be appalled. North is going to say, “we gotta do something about Dulles!”

And, there was a time that whenever something had to be done about Dulles, my phone rang off the hook. So…I know the South. Know it well. What a bunch of cut ups!!!!

Really interesting people though, if you take the time to get to know them. So like I said, no judgement, honestly. But real talk — if the South is ever going to heal, it HAS to be honest. It just has to…and it also had to change it’s ways.

Globalization isn’t coming, it’s here. This is not changing. The South, is going to have to deal; and I am sorry, I really am, but Donald Trump is not going to save the South from it. He is a globalist himself. You saw him kicking it with the Saudis. Come on. Wake up and smell that coffee.

So, don’t presume to know what anyone else knows. I am sure I don’t know the South in the ways that you do, but what I do know is the way Southerners behave when they interact with the rest of the world…and I saw that world coming in on them at Dulles…and I saw how ill-equipped they were to deal.

A man like Trump ran Dulles for years. Eventually, though, the powers that be, tired of his style. He was pushed out and replaced. And that was years ago. This battle has been brewing for quite some time.

I am not trying to insult Southerners, and especially not ones like you, cause I like you! When I speak honesty about the South. But I am saying, it is what is, and most Southerners want it to be what it was- and that’s not happening.

So let’s be honest, and really start to try and work through this -starting with YOU.

What do you honestly think most Southerner whites think about blacks Southern and otherwise? Do you dare to be honest?

Working with the Light!

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