Who would have the information to link all this stuff together? If they have it, they’re certainly not sharing it with, as you have said in posts, the “unwashed masses.” 😂

No one really knows wtf is happening, but it’s all highly irregular. This will cause people to speculate. (Which is better than believing whatever you’re told by defective, profitized, untrustworthy media systems.)

Others deeply believe in what they speculate, and that’s dangerous when they go all full on cult about what they believe (cough Qanon.)

If your critical thinking skills are low though, (and even if they’re not) going full on cult is satisfying because it gives you something to passionately believe in. And losing that, during a time like this, is a loss that is too much to bear. So expect your full-on believers to keep pressuring you to co-sign their cult beliefs.

As for me, I really dig how you keep things real. More please.

Working with the Light!

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