Why Are There So Many Conspiracy Theories Circulating Right Now?

And Are The People Who Believe them Crazy?

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The Reason There are So Many Conspiracy Theories Circulating NOW

There is a reason there are so many nutty conspiracy theories circulating these days. The traditional information outlets that people used to rely upon to create their worldview (television, internet, mainstream news media, social media, etc) have always promoted a less than honest or transparent agenda. The point has always been to manipulate sheeple/people; but today, the manipulative efforts are just insane.

The Official Narrative

We have a dozen or so official narratives circulating about a number of challenges confronting our world and our country today. (The state of the economy, that state of healthcare, the state of politics/democracy, the state of education, the state of technology, the state of science, the state of vaccines, the state of food, the state of the environment, the list goes on.) I’m not going to get into what the official narratives are. It doesn’t really matter, because, millions of people who are outright rejecting them.

Working with the Light!

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