Why are you so obsessed with America? Yeah we got greed and grime and predatory capitalism, and a caste system based on race that’s old, crooked as all hell and collapsing.

And, boy oh boy is THAT causing a lot of white male angst, as simply being white and male, a mythology that America has crafted since inception, will no longer bring automatic entitlements. So yeah, many white men in America would rather die than be subjected to the same treatment as everyone else in America.

They weren’t built for that sort of hustle. The sort of predatory capitalism, that you so aptly described, for the longest time left white males untouched…now that’s no longer the case, and they are losing their everloving minds crying about all the oppression, they’re experiencing.

And of course, they pull the punk moves, of attacking minorities and women, instead of fucking Citibank or WellsFargo…that is some punk, Lil dickie, no balls, ish.

But anyway…America is pretty much like any other country, in some ways better in other ways worse, with regard to how it treats the economically vulnerable and oppressed.

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