Why? Does this story affect you so much? (Your avatar is a white guy with a baby…I’m like no way someone like that…is following this so closely! )

I would just think this would be very far removed from your experiences…if you are a typical white surburban dad…so WTF, Erik???

The only white guy who I know of, that I would guess would totally get this story, would be Eminem.

You’re not him, are you????

Maybe a similar background? You just never know who are connecting with on the internet!

No please stay tuned…this is about to get good! I’m just bsing right now, setting up the characters what motivates them…we are about to get into some REAL DRAMA!!!!

Guys love this character Jay…like love him! I don’t know why. Because I only show one spect of him, how he was so hung up On this one girl.

But the real person was of course far more dynamic doing a lot of other things; and he was very popular, everyone loved him…and I get that, because, all in all, he was a good person who tried to always do the right thing in very difficult and trying circumstances. He helped a lot of people caught up in fucked up situations.

But Jesus…he wasn’t the guy for me. Like that was NEVER going to work, oil and water for sure.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!