And never understood how anyone could be

Right now, I’m feeling quite smug. You know how it is…all those people whom I’ve chastised over the years for playing the music of a disgusting and blatant pedophile, are eating crow right now.

I’ve left rooms. I’ve left events. I’ve been accused of ruining the vibe, after screaming loudly that I would not be a party to such depravity. Because I was better than that. I had more respect, for basic human decency, and myself, than to listen to that whiny ass pedophile. (Even though, even I have to admit that there is something about that damn Ignition Remix that even draws me in.)

I want to go back in time, to all those events…to all those conversations I’ve had with multiple people (who refused to stop playing R. Kelly’s music, after I pointed out the problem with it) and scream: “It’s all coming out now…and you…with all of your idiotic explanations, counter accusations and justifications…you’re wrong! Clearly and blatantly wrong! I told you so! #MuteRkelly!”

But even after the huge expose, Surviving R. Kelly, that puts the self -proclaimed Pied Pier of R and B on blast, so many R. Kelly fans are still in deep, deep denial about just about everything this man is. Or, much worse, they just don’t care. Pedophilia is A-okay with them, as long as it has some dope beats and good memories behind it. His music is the spoonful of sugar, that makes the depraved sexual acts with kids excusable. Although nothing should. The denials, the explanations, the counter-accusations and the justifications still continue, adamantly. It is sickeningly astounding.

Child Pornography

Back in the early 2000s, a video tape surfaced in hoods everywhere. What was on the tape? Among other sleazy and disgusting things, a guy, looking a whole lot like R. Kelly, having sex with multiple partners and urinating in the mouth of a girl, who seemed to be very young. Most people who saw the tape thought the girl was around 12 years old. I did not see it, admittedly, as just the description of it was so disgusting, I decided that I did not want to see it. People who did see the tape, confided to me how disgusted they were by it. Just vicariously experiencing and feeling their disgust, well THAT was enough for me — CLEARLY, to draw a line. It was enough for me to say, “I don’t care how dope the beat is…I have no desire to listen to music made by someone who pees in little girls mouths.”

I mean…there was the whole Aaliyah thing…which admittedly, I found odd. She was his protege, but so young, and sexualized in a way that his other protege Brandi, was not. Aaliyah and Brandi, both debuted at about 15, circa 1993. Brandi was singing about sitting up in her room, thinking about some silly boy she had a crush on (entirely age appropriate for a 15 year old girl). Meanwhile Aaliyah is talking about “age ain’t nothing but a number…going down ain’t nothing but a thang” dressing way more provocatively.

What was that about? Why the very different approaches to image development? Did anyone ever question why R. Kelly had decided to work on the careers of young female artists? Wouldn’t young boys, like Bell, Biv Devoe, or Boys II men, have been more appropriate proteges for him? I mean it all looks pretty suspect, right now, hind sight being 20/20. Could it have been that Aaliyah was being groomed to be a teen bride for R. Kelly? That seems to have been the case.

Teens going down, getting married to their music producers who are a good ten years older? Young girls getting peed on and in? R. Kelly’s fans didn’t see a problem with any of this?

His marriage to Aaliyah, and how it derailed her career…okay…maybe you chock it up to some that weird, wild entertainment industry, getting a little too out of pocket. But I mean that last bit…the peeing on the girl. it really stuck with me. It was so gross. So disgusting. Such a deep level of depravity. I don’t care if this man was the best musician in the world (which he wasn’t), I couldn’t get passed it. I could never listen to the mans music again, without feeling like some one was urinating on me. I was not a fan. I couldn’t be.

I often wondered, then, how was it, that millions of African-Americans could continue to shake their butts so ferociously, without thinking about a little girl drinking piss. Especially when, in 2002, the man was indicated on child pornography charges, where a group of jurors reviewed the sleazy tape, concluding that it was in fact R. Kelly engaging in the depraved sexual behavior. There was no conviction, as jurors could not determine if the sex was consensual or if the participants were really underage. (R. Kelly’s legal defense argued that the participants were consenting adults. ) It was hard for the prosecution to refute that because the women in the video would not come forward. And who came blame them? To come forward, in the legal system, against that kind of fame and money? To succeed you would need to have an army at your back. And guess what? I’m guessing those young girls did not.

Who is to Blame?

I mean he did it. It was fairly well known and understood, way back when, by almost everyone who encountered the tapes and rumors surrounding R. Kelly. He was deeply troubled sexually and did these sick things. I remember seeing a documentary, that, I believe he produced himself, where he intimately kissed (lots of tongue and spit)…wait for it…wait for it…his mother. Next, he remarked about how most people thought it was an odd thing to do, but he did it, often and unapologetically nonetheless. (Yuck!) Seems R. Kelly took no issue with incest and wanted to make that known publicly. But the fact that abusing young black girls, so profoundly that urinating upon them was one of the ways that he got off, shows (mother f*cking aside) that the man had a very damaged sense of his own sexuality. And initially, I was sad for R. Kelly.

Clearly, someone whose sexual expression is related to such an extreme form of degradation of another, is someone who has also been degraded sexually. This was a man who needed help. But obviously, he didn’t get it. As a result of trauma unhealed, it festered, worsened and went unchecked. Because R. Kelly was wealthy and powerful, he harmed at least hundreds, maybe even thousands of victims with his unhealthy sexuality.

But does the fault for this pain and torment unleashed lie with R. Kelly, primarily?

Oh no…it’s not quite that simple. It took a nation of millions to create this monster, so let’s have a look see at who else was involved.

The Celebrities and The Music Industry

So many celebrities, big names, collaborated with R. Kelly and happily made money from the R. Kelly collaboration, knowing full well, exactly what he was. Not only did they turn a blind eye, some decided to do so repeatedly.

I was nauseated to learn that, not only did R. Kelly receive a 2015 soul train award, but that Erykah Badu praised him at that award show, for “doing more for black people than anybody.”

Well…if by “doing more than anybody” you mean normalizing molesting and urinating on young black girls…then okay…yeah, I guess so. But this is where I have to say, “Come on black people! Really! Erykah Badu, seriously????”

Apparently, I’m not the only one outraged and astounded by her proclamations, as fans of Badu have been hitting up her Instagram, questioning her support for R. Kelly. The silence was deafening. She never responded. But she did post a picture of herself in quite a contemplative mood, with a caption stating that a “wise woman once said…nothing.

For that, she was referred to as a “fake deep heffa.” And, you have to wonder, is she really trying to do the right thing? Sometimes, being silent, really is the right thing, depending on just how much information you have about a given situation, and where your loyalties, truly lie, and why. She may have some information that the rest of us are not privy to, regarding the mental health and/or back story of R. Kelly.

But the fact that he is a sick pedophile should be no surprise to anyone even remotely familiar with the nature of the 2002 child pornography charges, and in light of that, it’s hard to understand her insistence that he has done “more for black people than anybody” or her silence.

Next there’s Jay-Z. His silence is no surprise. Jay- Z clearly has to remember, how in 2002 Kelly was indicted on child pornography charges, mere weeks before their much anticipated “Best of Both Worlds” tour. And yet, that didn’t stop Jay-Z from coming back and doing another album with R. Kelly, a few years later entitled “Unfinished Business.” (You get that…cause that whole child porn thing, interrupted their business, how inconvenient for them, right?)

They toured on that album briefly, until Jay-Z, became disgusted with R. Kelly’s childlike behavior. Seems pedophiles don’t have the appropriate work ethic to tour with adults in the room and Jay had to learn the hard way.

Dream Hampton, the producer of “Surviving R. Kelly,” invited Jay-Z to speak to what he knew about the charges against R. Kelly, but of course Jay declined to shed any light.

Both “Best of Both Worlds” and “Unfinished Business” are available on Jay-Z’s streaming subscription platform, Tidal; and why in the world would Jay- Z, do anything to harm those investments? Are you kidding me? Jay Z himself would probably pee on 20,000 little black girls, and white ones too, if it kept his billionaire status growing. With this celebrity, and his silence, we know what’s up. He could care less, cause this dude, has always been only about his money. And we can’t pretend like this isn’t a celebrity whose rise to fame wasn’t built on misogyny, at it’s very worst. He’s got no tears for little molested black girls. That’s for sure.

Next up Kanye. Of course if Jay-Z collaborated with R. Kelly, it was an experience that of course Kanye West, had to mimic, so of course Kanye tried his hand at a Kanye Kelly collaboration in 2012, on a song entitled, “To the World.”

Kanye has said nothing about the rumors and allegations surrounding Kelly…and knowing Kanye…and given the things that he says, that’s probably for the best. Right now, Yeezy is probably biting his tongue so as not to come out in favor of R. Kelly. As Mr. West thinks slavery is a choice…certainly one can imagine him touting pedophilia as a form of healthy sexual expression. He already went on late night and put in quite the plug for Porn Hub. So expect no recriminations from that dude.

Other artists associated with R. Kelly:

Kid Rock, Ludacris and R. Kelly in a 2007 song entitled, “Rock Star”, Usher and Kelly, also in a 2007 song entitled, “Same Girl.” Mariah Carey has worked with R. Kelly, so often I’m not going to list all the collaborating here. Celine Dion, collaborated with R. Kelly back in 1998 in a song entitled “I’m Your Angel.”

Mary J. Blige, collaborated with R. Kelly back in 1997 in a song entitled “It’s On” and also considered going on tour with him as recently as 2013. Apparently, a fans created a petition requesting the Queen of Hip-hop R& B reconsider doing this. Apparently, under that pressure, she abandoned the tour. But why she could have considered doing the tour in the first place, given all of the things that she has revealed about her personal experiences with domestic violence and abuse, is mind-boggling.

Lady Gaga collaborated with R. Kelly in 2013 on the single “Do What U Want.” While she initially remained supportive of R. Kelly, when allegations of his abuse and pedophilia resurfaced at the time, she has just recently apologized regarding her collaboration.

Other known collaborators: Ahanti, Ciara, ja rule, Jennifer Hudson, Justin Bieber, lil Jon, LL Cool J, Missy Elliott, nas, Nelly, Nick Cannon, P. Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Twista, and Wyclef Jean,

For the most part, all of these celebrities, with the exception of Lady Gaga, are refusing to speak to the rumors and allegations surrounding Kelly. Check out the Insider’s Article 15 celebrities Who have Collaborated with R. Kelly, for more details on how the industry heavy weights are choosing to quietly ignore the blossoming scandal.

But a few are speaking out. Most voicing their concerns do not, however, have any collaborative efforts (hence economic interests) tied to R. Kelly. Vocal artists have been: Chance the Rapper — one song with R. Kelly, “Somewhere in Paradise 2015, Omarion (several songs in the early 2000’s before the rumors grew to be well known) Phoenix — one song with R. Kelly, “Trying to be Cool” (remix) 2013, Matthew Knowles — one song with R. Kelly, “Stimulate Me” produced for Destiny’s Child in 1999. The rest of the celebrities have no vested interest in R. Kelly: John Legend, Meek Mill, Ne-Yo, Tank, Quest Love, JoJo, Damon Dash, Keke Palmer, Jada Pinkett Smith, Kevin Hart, Cara Delevingne. You can read their statements renouncing support of R. Kelly here. But honestly, it’s an easy statement to make such a statement when your money isn’t on the line, and you can’t be considered complicit in this nightmare.

Then there is his recording company, Sony RCA. For the past two years or so, the company has been targeted by several activists groups: Color of Change, and Women of Color of Time’s Up joined the efforts of the online campaign #MuteRKelly, with the issuance of a high-profile open letter in April asking RCA and other companies to sever their ties with Kelly.

Despite, that request, as well as a plane that recently flew over the Sony/RCA building, flying a banner behind it that read: “RCA/Sony: Drop Sexual Predator R. Kelly the public has heard nothing from RCA regarding its response to these requests, the “Surviving R. Kelly” docuseries, or any of the rumors, allegations, surrounding him or the criminal investigations and indictments that are currently being prepared for R. Kelly.

And then there’s the black church…I had no idea R. Kelly was so deeply in bed with the Black church! But apparently, he’s a gospel singer too. The pedophile gospel singer…like really!?!?!?!?!

Knowing what I know about the black church, I’m not surprised. Really, I can’t even be disappointed. From what I know about that institution…it’s par for the course.

Why so much silence from all of these high profile actors and institutions? Well money for one. #Muting R. Kelly would be quite a financial hit for many of those mentioned above. But are they really to blame for this phenomenon? Nah. The buck does not stop with any of them. I maintain that it stops with you.

The Enemy is You

You Tube personality FleurBrun referred to R. Kelly as “Satanism’s Poster child.” I love FleurBrun’ s You-Tube rant regarding the R. Kelly scandal, because she’s peaking truth…and it’s long overdue. Check it out below.

Clearly, R. Kelly is a very sick individual. Which makes me wonder…how did someone so sick, become so rich? Is there a correlation? Did R. Kelly become the pied-piper of R and B because he was willing to engage in sick, and sexually depraved acts against children? Was he perhaps being rewarded (by an extremely racist and sexist industry) for this behavior? Certainly, there are people in the music and entertainment industry, far more powerful than R. Kelly, who could have decided to put some limits on this well known depravity, by threatening to shut his career down if he didn’t get some help for his predilections.

But that didn’t happen.

I wonder why. Was it, in fact, his predilections that boosted him to fame and fortune? I mean you have to wonder why someone so unexceptional (in my opinion, R. Kelly’s music is quite average) enjoyed such a long and lucrative career, in a musical genre that has actually been dying off for quite some time. Don’t you find it odd? Is R. Kelly involved in something far more sinister than what he appears to be? Is there even more to this than meets the eye, as Fleur Brun is suggesting? Could satanism maybe be an issue?

R. Kelly is deeply popular artists. However…I don’t know that he is a deeply talented one. Did he literally sell his soul to the devil. Is marketing pedophilia to the African-American community, a part of that deal? That certainly sounds like a deal the devil would make.

Fans are quick to call R. Kelly a genius. I’d dispute that. I mean, he does tap into a sort of creative genius, that has less to do with musical talent and far more to do with survival, and more specifically survival as a sexual predator, he’s a creative genius with regard to that, certainly. But, even so, creative geniuses like him are truly a dime a dozen, when you examine how his creative genius came to be. When one is rising out of an environments of extreme poverty and dysfunction, creative genius is a basic requirement of survival. And all of the survivors of these environments are creative geniuses of a kind, but they don’t all get multi-million dollar careers in America. Most of them do not…in fact make it past 30, without being imprisoned or killed, no matter how brilliantly they manifest their particular creative genius.

So why R. Kelly? Why did he luck up on a multi-million dollar R & B career, with all of his silly and simple songs, that to me, sound like something that any 12 year old could come up with…except…they are very cleverly sexualized. Take the song, that even I like: “Ignition.”

There’s nothing much to that song. It is silly, it’s simple, it’s stupid, really. If I ask myself, why I even like “Ignition,” I can’t put my finger on it. I’d have to say, it’s just really simple and silly, which makes it fun. It’s kind of like singing your A, B, C’s. It was that silliness and simpleness that made it a staple at almost all African-American family functions…it’s bland music that almost everyone can enjoy without anyone being outright offended. It can bring multiple generations together, singing and dancing.

But…it’s also very sexual…in a very undercover, under handed way.

“I’m going to take my key and stick in your ignition.”

Honestly? Doesn’t that sound like something someone would say if they were trying to explain a sexual act, to someone who didn’t really understand sex? A child, for example. Seems like R. Kelly’s lyrics are being heavily re-examined for pedophiliac content hiding in plain sight, as streaming of his songs are at an all- time high, and many of the cherished lyrics are being reviewed in an entirely different light.

And what of that Pied Pier moniker that he gave himself? Why the Pied Piper of R and B? Honestly? Just why? Do you recall what the legend of the Pied Piper is? It’s a fancy, clown type character, considered to have good intentions, when he plays his flutes and leads children away from their homes, with his music. But, and this is a big BUT, the children are never heard from again. Sounds pretty diabolically pedophiliac…if you think about it. Why would he call himself that?

All this time. He’s been hiding in plain sight. Blatantly announcing to whoever listens to his music…that he’s a pedophile…and that’s okay. As long as the announcement comes with some silly simple songs, that mesmerize the people with their enchanting melody.

And that is what is really so diabolical about R. Kelly’s music. It lulled not one, but many generations into a certain complicity with pedophilia.

Please Stop It Now

When you fight to hear an R. Kelly song, when you jump to a defense of his music, (as so many have, time and time again) what you’re really fighting to defend, is something that’s not right, that’s actually quite sick, and incredibly destructive to children, and for what? So you can shake your butt at a party? So you can revel in your memories, of this cook out, this wedding, or that Baptism…where pedophilia was being subtly promoted. Just listen. How sick does that sound. Like really? I wonder, (truly I do) why R. Kelly fans were not completely revolted by the sound of him, as was I. Did you have so little sympathy, so little compassion for the child he peed upon? And if so, wtf is wrong with you? Do you feel nothing?

Being an R. Kelly fan, arguably, brings very little to one’s life, that they cannot substitute via other methods. I mean there’s plenty of other silly and simple music, with the same kind of 90s R& B/hip-hop beats. There was Guy, with lead singer Aaron Hall, R. Kelly’s predecessor’s, who’s style R. Kelly practically copied verbatim…except Aaron Hall wasn’t a pedophile, singing songs about putting his keys into little girl’s ignitions.

So why is it that these die-hard R. Kelly fans, (almost all of whom are African- American) refuse to give up him or his music? Why so much resistance to letting R. Kelly go - as almost all musical artists ultimately do, into a really quiet retirement, where no one listens to his music ever again?

The answer is complicated…and I get it. I get it…the whole:

“But he represents our culture…the cook-outs, weddings, and (bachelor parties certainly). He represents good times and good feelings. He represents (sadly) our brothers, our cousins, and our uncles, who are similarly broken…whom we do not want to simply write off, (understandably). But there seems to be an awful lot of forgiveness for R. Kelly, especially since he’s garnered so much extreme wealth and success.”

Yes…I get the urge to protect R. Kelly…especially from them Georgia Klansmen who truly have had a hard-on for R. Kelly, for years, for reasons entirely unrelated to his pedophilia. (And they see their chance, and are coming for him now.) And no, that’s not what anyone wanted. So, yes, I get it…the situation is complex. There is a desire to protect and insulate, even someone as vile as R. Kelly has become, from that kind of racism.

But, that’s really not your battle. And R. Kelly has fought that battle, quite well on his own. In fact, he’s been so successful at legal defending himself from any kind of legal attacks, that the man probably believes he can do no wrong, even when he is doing so, blatantly, in plain sight. This is the monster you have created. Look at him, and own it.

The Pied Piper of R and B, indeed.

It is important to stop listening to R. Kelly’s music. Yes You. It is important because to listen is to be complicit, no matter how small, in pedophilia; (and probably incest too. Why do you think his own daughter called him a monster?)

Do you really want to beat back one demon, to protect a few others which are far more destructive and dark? Think about Black people…wake the fuck up. Stop supporting R. Kelly.

Working with the Light!

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