Why is the financial sector in “shambles” really? Because of Dodd-Frank? I am sure there has been an impact, but shambles sounds like a Foxian style exaggeration.

But if you can point to the evidence, I will certainly entertain the idea. I don’t know much about Dodd-Frank except that it’s a whistleblower law that incentivized whistleblowers. (They follow the money.) That’s the only way corruption can be stopped, so it seems like a good law to me.

Not a good law if you want to sell people lead infused tap water and claim it comes from Mountain springs; and it’s important to note this, because this is probably a typical business practice for most bottled water companies.

If they are being taken to court over these sorts of practices (or even fear this) I imagine it is disturbing the financial sector somewhat, but is the solution just allowing corporations to do as they please? Many believe the regs are in place for a reason. And even with Regs in place the corporations are always getting around them.

At the end of the day you really have to consider what is more important. Drinking clean water (and I keep going back to the water because we have had so many instances of corporations damaging water) or allowing corporations to make money. For most people this is a no brainer. Water is life. Water is everyone’s life. When you deregulate and the result is all kinds of water contamination, you have solved one problem (money) to create several far more severe ones (environment, agriculture, health.)

Where the deregulation is really unfounded, I am all for elimination. The problem is, I suspect the regulations, while costly, are probably necessary to preserve water and life.

As for Trump, I take no issue with people who see his flaws are these but…and then make a rational argument about him and his purpose. (Which you consistently do.) I concede, such an argument can be made, and quite honestly it is refreshing to see and hear some from reasonable Trump supporters.

Nothing is all good or bad and Trump is good in that he has brought a whole lot of bad on both side to light. And to be fair to Trump, he seems to be mildly concerned about actually helping his base. I just don’t think he has the political skills to pull it off. We shall see.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!