Why is the Pentagon Suddenly So Eager to Chat About UFOs?

You Know it’s Not Cause They Want to Keep Us Informed. How Stupid Do They Think We Are? Pretty Stupid.

Unsplash: James Orr

Suddenly the Pentagon is eager to chat with us (the American Public) about UFOs. I wonder what fresh hell they are the scheming and plotting now?

I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention (I have); but for the past two years, every six months or so the Pentagon trots out some tired, barely discernable image of something that apparently is supposed to be a UFO.

In her article This UFO Hype Is Probably Just The US Military Lying Again, Caitlin Johnstone tries to guess at the reasons behind the Pentagon’s sudden chattiness. Why so much blathering about a subject that has been strictly forbidden by this particular institution, for decades?

Why now? That’s what we are all wondering. The pentagon passes around this pathetic picture every six months. Is it hoping to create some kind of buzz?

The New York Times boldly announces “No Longer in Shadows, Pentagon’s U.F.O. Unit Will Make Some Findings Public.”

Let’s not pretend that there is any real journalism involve in these bi-annual proclamations paid for by the Pentagon. Nevertheless, Caity tries to figure it out:

So the New York Times article offers us two possibilities for these UFO phenomena:

That there are “vehicles not made on this earth” taking a keen interest in US military bases for some strange reason, or

That this is actually some secret super advanced technology possessed by the Russians or the Chinese.

Caity, always, always, always, always wants to talk about geopolitics and American’s role in it. Which, as Caity often explains, is quite ugly. We bully the world, bad ol America. And poor, poor, poor Russia and China. According to Caity all we do is wage war, war, war, war, war, war all over the world. (She is not lying.) She knows the names and deeds of our global warmongers far better than any of us do. We Americans are woefully ignorant with regard to our horrorific record of foreign affairs. They purposefully keep us in the dark on it, but our government is responsible for the crisis at the Mexican border.

Caity hates the late John McCain…positively hates him. She would probably dance on his grave if she could. She puts him on par with Dick Cheney, who many Americans hate for his clear and pointless warmongering under the Bush presidency. Cheney got us in a war, where hundreds of lives were lost, just so he and his buddies could get rich. We all know this. Cheney is gleeful to be recognized as a warmongering psychopath; and to hear Caity tell it, (and she often does) our entire legislative branch is packed with Cheneys. She’s probably right.

These Cheney types (according to Caity) are always messing with Russia and China. They are trying to get us American idiots (that’s umair haque’s relentless moniker for us) to hate Russia and China. They want our support in another declaration of war.

Well, Caity…and for that matter Umair, you need to hear this too, it’s become compelling clear to us Americans that we don’t call the shots with regard to anything America says or does on the world stage. We just happen to live here; and our support for these wars is optional, clearly. The Cheney types will wage war without it. As you can see with our current peaceful protests, when we are unpersuaded, these types do whatever the hell they want to do, regardless of public opinion. We want police reform, and in response to that, we are getting war. Right now we have war being declared on democratically run American cities, per President Trump…but that’s a whole other post. I will get to that later.

Back to the world wars, Caity is super concerned that America is trying to trump up wars with both Russia and China. (Trump them up! Pun intended!) She seems to think that Russia and China are undeserving victims of all this warmongering. To that, I usually respond, really Caity? Like seriously? I get that America is not angel…not hardly…even Donald Trump, in a moment of truth (rare for him) admitted as much. But to act like Russia and China, as nations, are victims of American politics…that’s a bit much. All the nations have blood on their streets, all of them. All of them love war, they just won’t wage them if they think they will lose them.

The war that Russia and China have nonstopped declared on their own people? Russia and China get no passes for the dirt that they do. None of these nations have clean metaphorical hands; and as Caity attacks the instability, the inequities, and the unsustainability of the current geopolitical situation, she needs to hold all the political players accountable, China and Russia as well. She never talks about Israel for example. (Israel is a government, corrupt as all the rest so don’t come at me with that anti-semitic bullshit.) Israel is always up to some incredibly grimy war stuff, especially with regard to Palestine.

She is terrified that the USA (very closely aligned with Israel on all things war) is working up to another WWIII. This honestly seems, logical. There is something here on this planet that thrives on war. It just loves it. I don’t know what it is; but I don’t think it stops at the Geopolitical scene and the Cheneys of our Congress. These nonstop wars, (that are senseless, improve nothing, and make everything so much worse for all living things) have a machine behind them. Is it the US military machine? Or is it something darker? More sinister? Is there something on this planet that wants nothing but pain, grief, violence, death, depravity and starvation for humans? Is it maybe a nonhuman entity?

Some Conspiracy theorists definitely think so. (More on David Icke in a bit.) Look at the world around you? What do you see? Why do you think this is? And what does this have to do with aliens? Why would aliens be interested in us and our highly dysfunctional world? Could it be the aliens are the cause of this dysfunction?

Conspiracy theorists into UFO lore have been claiming lots of different things about aliens. One of the claims has been, that in fact, the UFOs do take a special interest in our planet’s military bases. Caitlyn wonders:

Why would a species so advanced that it has mastered interstellar travel have any interest in human governments and their military forces?

It makes sense if aliens are involved with the US military machine. It makes sense if they recognize the technology, for example. Perhaps the technology is stolen technology that is being misused.

From what I have heard in UFO watcher circles, aliens are invested in what happens on earth for many reasons, but primarily they want the earth (and its astounding biodiversity - which includes us) as a resource. I’ve also come across the idea that because as a species we are so destructive, the military bases are heavily guarded by alien presence to prevent disaster…like say for example, Chernoble.

The general UFO rumor mill is that we are not advanced enough to appropriately handle the military technology that we have. (Seems quite feasible.) The theory is that the aliens watch us, like adults would watch three years playing with guns. These particular adults allow the three years olds to play with guns, just to watch them; but at the same time they remove all the bullets from the guns, not so much because they care about the three years-old shooting one another, but because they don’t want to get hit by any stray bullets. The aliens largely do not want to be involved; and they only become involved when their interests are threatened. It is a wild conspiracy theory, but you have to admit, it makes sense.

Think about it: do humans become involved with any species on earth that we consider lesser? Take chimps for example. Did Jane Goodall try to stop the Ugandan Chimps from engaging in their warfare? No! She just studied them; made note of what caused them to become so violent with one another. Now if those chimps had nukes, well that would have been an entirely different matter for Good ol Jane. (Pun intended! That one was bad! I know!)

To the aliens, we are the chimps. This is why they don’t talk to us. Where do I get this stuff? I love conspiracy theories. All kinds of conspiracy theories, I always have! Check out my article on Conspiracy Theories if you love them too.

I’m not crazy. (At least not about the conspiracy theories.) I don’t believe all of them and I think Qanon is freaking crazy. (I just have to say.) The worship, of Trump as if he is a deity? I don’t get it. But, I don’t dismiss all the conspiracy theorists outright. Conspiracy Theorists at least try to offer viable explanations for the clusterfuck that is this world.

All we get from mainstream information sources on our world is spin, manipulations and ridiculous lies. An insult to our intelligence. Urine on our heads which we are told is smelly rain. I’d rather deal with the conspiracy theorists and shift through what may be viable information mixed in with lots of nutso stuff. And to be fair the conspiracy theorists do come up with a lot of nutso stuff…some of it so insane, I wonder if it isn’t being purposefully fed to them, so that people will ignore them. A sort of controlled opposition.

David Icke, for example acts and sounds fricking nuts when he talks about reptilians (a reptilian, according to David Icke, is a type of lizard alien which runs all of the human power structures that we interact with.) They are the ever evasive, endlessly nefarious illuminati, which are literally cold-blooded, non human, reptilian beings, according to Icke.

It sounds just nuts! But, you absolutely must admit that Icke’s observations about the systems on our planet are incredibly astute. I want someone to explain to me why all of our systems are so jacked up?

Why is the food is poisoned? As is the very earth that grows the food. The educational systems keep people stupid and enslaved. The healthcare systems make us sicker. All the governments and economic systems are deeply corrupted, violent and in search of perpetual war. WHY? At least David Icke acknowledges these truths. Mainstream information systems just lies about all of it. Why should any of us believe these corporately controlled information systems?

Back to the aliens, Unacknowledged is an odd documentary on Netflix. It’s about our government’s long-standing relationship with aliens and their technology. It suggests that our government (at least a certain portion of it) has always known about aliens. It also suggest that this portion of our government (that most Americans know nothing about) runs the US War machine and is a shadow US government. The real government running America.

It implies that that all of the American presidents (since Dwight Eisenhour) have been puppets. JFK was blown to bits because he asked one too many questions about UFOs and other questionable topics they stay off limits. (The federal reserve- no one really know wtf it is!) I don’t believe the documentary mentions reptilians…but I think there are many mentions of contact that has been made with non-human entities. (Illuminati maybe?)

In Unacknowledged there is a lot of footage from many of American Presidents looking terrified at the mere mention any anything UFO related. Apparently, the shadow military government heavily discourages any real inquiry into UFO existence and certainly the technology of it, by showing our Presidents pictures of a dead JFK.

Too spooky. Anyway, according to the documentary, this UFO technology (and other) is to remain completely under the control of the US military machine and shadow government. So then, what is even the purpose of the US President? To deal with the natives (humans). To keep us occupied with wars for profit waged around the globe. The American presidents don’t actually start these wars, they just run PR for them.

Apparently, Trump (this is yet another conspiracy theory) is resisting this. He is refusing to start wars (big ones anyway) abroad. He is instead battling this shadow government in his own 5D chess sort of way. (Like I said, I don’t necessarily believe the conspiracy theories, I’m just telling you what they are, okay?)

All of the super military tech is linked to the first atomic bomb, which according to Steven Greer, the main narrator of Unacknowledged, is what brought the aliens to earth in the the first place. (Greer also wrote a book with the same title.)

After the development of the the first atomic bomb, the military tech just kept getting exponentially more advanced, in ways that simply do not seem humanly possible. UFO folks think the warmongering humans are getting help…from another species (David Icke’s reptilians maybe?) It is generally believed that aliens have been around for years, sharing technology with warmongering Dick Cheney type humans. It’s all kept so secret, because the shadow government wants the technology to be a secret.

Why? Because mass usage of alien technology ends their game! This technology would fundamentally change the world in ways that would undermine the military machine (so says many conspiracy theorists.) This hidden technology could solve a lot of resource problems as almost all wars are fought over limited resources. In Unacknowledged, Greer explains what happens to inventors of free energy. (Think Nikola Tesla, poor guy. ) He explains how they are either bought out or killed by nefarious forces; and their inventions are stolen and/or hidden. (Now this actually happens a lot. There is much evidence of this, no conspiracy theories necessary. This is real.)

Why? This makes perfect sense when you look at how our world is currently run. Five people have almost all the world’s the resources at their disposal. They understand that their power is tied into that fact and that fact only. Okay, I’m being facetious when I say five …but 20, 000 people maybe…out of 7 billion control all the resources! Clearly the resource allocation on this planet is super distorted in unnatural ways! Why? (Is it the reptilians?)

I realize these ideas are largely unknown in mainstream media or consciousness, but I find these ideas quite interesting. I am quite curious as to why the Pentagon keeps dragging out this same sorry picture of alleged UFOs every six months.

Some conspiracy theorists believe the Pentagon is prepping humanity for a false flag event. (False flag is conspiracy theorists talk. It means that whoever is pulling the strings on this reality, sets up a fake event to scare people and mess with their minds.) Some say 911 was a false flag event. Apparently it’s illegal now discuss 911 in this way (according to conspiracy theorists.) I’ve not seen the legislation, but it would not surprise me. Some say Sandy Hook was another false flag event. I don’t go down these rabbit holes, I just listen; and trust, it is fascinating stuff!

But why would these power that be, (whoever or whatever they are) want to put on a show that convinces us of the existence of aliens? Do you find it farfetched? Oh Come on! It should be obvious why!

For the same reasons our mass media and communication systems do everything! To scare us, to control us, to mess with our minds, to sell us on war.

Humans are tired of fighting other humans, we no longer see the value in that. We are all pretty war fatigued. How to amp us back up? Get us in a battling state of of mind? As our peaceful protest against racial violence is revealing, we are tired of fighting each other.

And so…the Pentagon is going to send in the aliens! They will give humans a new enemy! A new reason to keep us afraid and wanting war!

Yes…this is yet another conspiracy theory. The conspiracy theorists are claiming the technology is in place to pull this off. Holographic images of UFOS and aliens destroying things will freak people the fuck out. It will also get them clamoring for war.

Whatever the reason behind the Pentagon pulling out the UFO pics, the one thing we all know is that they don’t give a goddamn about sharing the truth with the public. This is not the reason they suddenly wanna have a nice chat about UFOs…pentagon please!

Their reasons are spin, narrative control, pysops and manipulation of some kind. We just don’t know what or why. Like Molder, from the X-Files, we know the truth is out there! But we won’t get it from the Pentagon. They’re up to something. Do you want to find out? I’m not so sure. On top of everything else, we’re now on the lookout for aliens…could 2020 get any crazier?

Working with the Light!

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