Why? What does this even mean? I think I kind of get it, but I’m just not accostumed to thinking of people as “surplus resources.”

I mean money, food, clothing beyond necessity is a surplus resource. How is a person (who is not a slave) a surplus resource? Are you saying he was trying to make me his slave? (Or…something a long those lines?)

And…I already explained I didn’t need his protection, I had protection. If I did need his protection well then, he would have had a hole card he could have used to get what he wanted from me; but that wasn’t the case.

But it’s a very interesting explanation of his behavior that I believe is accurate. I definitely felt as if, I was being to a certain degree “flaunted.”

But…I also felt like he was insecure about it, like he wasn’t sure if he had the clout to pull it off…which was why he became so controlling of me. Instead of going against everyone who would come after him through me…it was just easier to control me. Hindsight 20/20…I think that was what he was doing. But at the time I just thought he was NUTS!

I simply could not understand why he cared what any of his peers thought about me…I didn’t. “So what, some ignorant asshole who doesn’t even know me called me a slut.” I didn’t care! Of course he was deeply bothered by it…tried to make me change my behavior because of that. It was just nuts, to me.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!