Wisdom? I wouldn’t call it that. It confirmed a realization that I’d made years ago in prep school which is this: “white people be racist.”

I purposely used the habitual be, which is a staple in the African-American dialect. Loosely translated it means, white Americans are always defending their racist thoughts and actions.

I have also realized, the higher up whites are on my he socioeconomic scale, the more they seem to need to deny that they are in fact racist.

Most Upper class whites, hate being identified as racist. I don’t know why, (most very clearly are.) I suspect it’s because lower class whites have no problem identifying as deeply racists…and they want to differentiate themselves from lower classes.

So the upper class whites will try to get blacks they know to consign on their racism, and tell them, “no, it isn’t racism and you’re not at all a racist, you’re absolutely right, Rodney King had to be beat down like that.”

That was exactly what Mr. Pound was requesting from me. It was a shame. I did not consign for him and in fact I was so disappointed by the request, that I ended that friendship. I wanted nothing more to do with him after that…never told him why. Wasn’t going to hit my head up against that particular brick wall.

Working with the Light!

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