With followers like that! She does attract buckets of cray-cray, cause she gets deep into her hyperbole. She could just be passionate, but anyone sowing seeds of division and hate, well you just got to wonder, whose side is she really on? Especially since the name of the plutocrat game is divide and conquer… and yeah the sycophant like devotion of her followers? It’s like she’s playing the Trump card! Appealing to people’s fears and biases a little too much, definitely fracturing the left. I asked her if she was getting paid by Trump and Co. She never answered the question! Which one would think she would have said hell no.

The fact that people act like she is the second alt-left coming and is above being questioned, definitely gives me pause. The fact that she is rarely critical of anything the Pubs are doing NOW, definitely gives me pause. The fact that her writing tone and style changes from day to day, gives me pause. Honestly, we have no idea who this person is, except that she is someone who definitely wants to get paid, hitting emotional buttons is the best way to do it!

To her credit, she definitely is speaking truth to power, but it seems, really only one side of the power.

Goes hard on WaPo, refers her readers to Fox. Hmmmmmm. That doesn’t give her followers pause? All those media outlets are corrupt as all hell, if she was truly nonpartisan she would go hard on them all.

If you are a lefty getting conned by someone affiliated with Trump and his Russians, you are would feel really stupid, once that was revealed. Don’t know if that’s what’s going down with Caitlin, but as for me? Trust her her for about as far as I can see her. She lost me with the whole Hillary is far more evil than Trump.

Everyone should be very discerning, during this period of total and utter chaos. Challenge everyone…read critically, check the sources from all sources you can find, if you truly want to know. But for the love of God, don’t fall for the same con that’s been run on the Trumpsters!

There are an endless amount of these sorts of cons being run on social media sites, so it is really hard to know, what’s real and what’s not.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!