Wow. And, truly, I say this with love ❤️, you have constructed some sort of fantasy about race relations in America, I guess to make yourself feel comfortable about it. But 200 years reducing racism… so since 1816…when slavery was in full effect, this country was reducing racism? Well, no. Slavery technically ended in 1865…but that was very technical and not actual, as the South started passing al kinds of backdoor crime laws to recapture the newly freed slaves…and southern legislators were extremely effective at this.

Do you remember the LA riots over the Rodney King verdict?

I am thinking not. Your very rigid and simplistic black and white view of things causes me to believe you’re a millennial. If not, if you’re an Xer or even worse a boomer, then let’s just stop this conversation right now. Cause if you made it through that much life, being this obliviously ignorant to the state of your country, no cracking though that state of delusion.

But anyway, that was the 90s, which was 20 years ago — and then there were all sorts of urban riots in the 60s and 70s. Crack epidemic in the 80s, it was purposeful, just like the heroine epidemic going on right now, except with that one, it’s white communities primarily facing destruction. Black communities got no more money to feed those drug habits, which are hell of costly…and so dealers had to find new markets. Go ahead and deny all of that too, if it makes you feel better.

You don’t really want to have a discussion though. You want to be right. You simply want to be told all of your views are right and everything in America is fair and good and right.

And…I can appreciate that. Unfortunately, it is just not true, and the lies you have to tell yourself to keep that fantasy alive…just, well. There is no reasoning with this sort of delusion.

But real talk: from slavery (you do know that was a real institution that existed?) onward this country has legally and legislatively exhibited a stunning lack of humanity, fairness and decency toward African-Americans. This really isn’t up for dispute -since there are laws and precedents, like for example Cecelia v. The State of Missouri, that held it is perfectly fine for white men to rape black women, whenever because well…they are property..things, to be tortured on a whim.

White wash that…kinda hard, don’t you think?

And so two things going on — either you know this full well and you are lying, evading, hiding from the truth, because facing it and the consequences — means things have got to change; and you don’t want them to you like them just the way they are, like the rape of black women being legal.

Maybe you really dig laws like that, don’t really want anyone talking about them being wrong, denying that any sort of injustice line that ever existed (wink, wink) and keep that sort of injustice going.

Now this I get.

Or, you really don’t know. And with so much information about so much institutionalized racism out there, that can only be because you don’t want to know. Somehow knowing the truth threatens something that makes you feel safe and whole.

Now this I don’t get, because with anything…like global warming for example, just because you deny the existence of the problem, it doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist. It is a real problem. It is going to impact you; and if you are denying the existence of it, it already is, because using mental resources to sustain a lie is exhausting, especially in the face of so much undisputed truth. You get really defensive about people just talking about their experiences. So seriously, how are you going to tell me, what my life experiences have been? You were not there! You didn’t live my life, so you can’t possibly weigh in on the validity of the opinions I have about law enforcement, not having walked in my shoes, seen what I have seen or experienced what I have experienced.

And yet you do. You Claim I am full of “histrionics.” Cool and antiquated word by the way, but also women are real hip to that gas-lighting bullshit; and it’s so tired, so lame…I’m not even going to be offended. I won’t touch your defenses. Have at them.

It is a common enough thing. Lot’s of people deny, run and hide from problems, until its too late.

Here is what I want to know, and I’ve asked plenty of white people like you (and I never get any honest or satisfactory answers) why do you find the truth about American racism so threatening?

Nat Turner rebellion…what do you think about it? Do you know that in the small town in Virginia where it happened, no one, black or white, is allowed to talk about it? Again, kind of odd. It happened a long time ago, and yet…

What are you afraid of? Ask yourself, and really think about it. Don’t bother telling me. I already know.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!