Wow. I have to say I find this mildly disturbing, because although I think you have a lot of conflicted and confused ideas about race and racism in America, I generally don’t find you writing anything that should get you blocked on Medium.

Then I read what you wrote, and I said:

“Oh. Wow.”

Yeah, that will do it.

This isn’t Fox News or Breitbart or KKK update.

It’s Medium.

It is liberal leaning, and so, you know better. People come to this site, because they don’t want a Fox, or a Breitbart or a KKK says perspective on race relations. Bringing that- to this particular forum- is fighting a losing battle. There are forums where that sort of satire might be appreciated, but this isn’t the one.

And, it wasn’t clear that it was satire. If it had been made clear, then I think you would have more effectively made your point — and it was a valid point. But it was lost in translation, me thinks. It just seemed like a long, hateful, racist rant, that came out of nowhere. And I know what you’re implying, that Son of Baldwin. Does this all the time.

Well…that is not exactly what he is doing. His rants are sophisticated, and they walk the line and they are typically in response to some current event that is incredibly disturbing. You can at least trace his anger back to its source, and writing about Black Lives Matter issues is his passion. Understandably, as black people, families and communities in America are dying off at an alarming rate.

What inspired your black people are villains rant? The fact that Son of Baldwin is so audacious and doesn’t get blocked? Did you want to be the counterpunch to his perspective?

But, more importantly, did no one ever answer you as to why you got blocked? I must say, I do think being blocked you were owed that much, but honestly, none of these social media sites feel like they owe anyone, anything- and truly they don’t.

We are all just guests in their virtual homes, and we can get blocked.

I know you’re never going to see why your posts would be seen as super, super offensive to lots of people. But, I do; and I do see why you got blocked. Next time, try a softer more sophisticated approach. Maybe ask for some input from some actual satirical writers…I don’t know, but I’m telling you, writer to writer, that piece was pretty tone def.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!