Wow…I love this! It’s quotalicious! Equal parts cynicism (l loved the follow the money quote) and blind faith.

Being something of a cynic myself, what I really loved was how, you took an entire religious system, which you admitted you largely had no use for, (I am of the same mind) and then turned it into something deeply spiritual and moving for yourself and, well anybody…just wow.

Like it made me smile. Because I know that I’m not going to hate billions of people on the other side of the globe, cause Fox news says so! But legions do. Don’t you know, it’s the latest craze, hating whoever is unlike you. Just hate them. Give hate a chance…so many messages aimed at us, trying to force us into that. Hate and fear. We gotta run the world on it, and we got to get billions to buy into it.

I have said no. “No thank you, crazy powers that be to your terror, your hell and your hate. I’m full. I don’t need anymore, okay? I’m going to be on my way now. See you never.”

But so many people just sucked up into maelstroms of terror, fear and hate. And so, it was utterly awesome to come across you saying “No thank you.” too. And you even took it further! “No thank you” and not only that, “I also see something beautiful in this which you (powers that be) want me to hate. I’m going to write about it.”

Wow. This is the sort of extraordinary leap in human thinking that I’m talking about Estwald.

Working with the Light!

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