Wow! Just extraordinarily unique insights here Cait and incidentally plugging into some concepts I’ve been exploring myself in the privacy of my own mind: the link between sexuality and female empowerment. How I️ got on that particular train of thought is a loooooooooooooooong story. It involves BDSM and the dominitrix experience.

I️ wish I️ were skilled enough or had enough insight and/or experience to write about that. But I️ don’t. But I️ have gained this particular insight: sexually empowered women are just powerful period — in ways that neither women nor men quite understand.

The trick is then, to not allow women to become sexually empowered, see how that goes?

I’ve never been a particularly sexual person, a few years ago, however, I️ met a woman who was; and seeing her wield the power of that -whoa! It’s been something to see! She blows my mind! She can do with sex, what I️ can do with my law degree!!!

So sex, like money is power. Believe that.

Anyway. I️ do find myself to be a fairly creative person…and oddly I️ haven’t noticed men trying to control my creativity, but I’ve never really thought about it.

I️ have noticed men trying to control my sexuality! (It’s what they do, is it not?) I’m speaking of intimate partners. Some have been more controlling than others. And the desire for total control (I️ believe I️ have experienced that) well that is a deal breaker. It’s why my first love had to go! That crazy mfer!!! So obsessed with controlling me, meanwhile he’s making the rounds! The nerve!!!!

Men usually feel entitled to the creativity of their intimate partner in the same way they feel entitled to the exclusive sexuality of their intimate partner.

If a man acts entitled to the creativity of a public female persona such as yourself, I’d say he’s definitely out of bounds!

Is creativity linked to sexuality? Well duh! It’s so obvious! Sex creates people! And men have been trying to wrestle that power away from women for f@cking millenia. They are utterly terrified of us fully owning that power. Absolutely, thoroughly and completely terrified.

Why? They probably have valid reasons. But it’s hidden in a human history so deep…I️ mean we haven’t even scratched the surface.

All I️ know is some men (coughpublicans) have retreated so deep into their fear of female creativity and sexuality that they have turned themselves into subhuman, iddy, rapey, monsters and ghouls. They are creepy, pervy, pedie, gross thangs, that the planet could do without (coughMikePence, coughPaulRyan).

And I️ bet…it’s just a guess, but I’d not be surprised if these iddy, rapey, pervy ghouls have the teeniest, tiniest wees.

Can we say “over compensation?”

Why is the Washington Monument a great big, stone white dick?

Who’s trying to prove something?

Is there a big black vagina hanging out anywhere on the planet?

I’m just saying…

Working with the Light!