Wow…just wow. Now satanic death cults are popping up? (Or in other words, millennials talking about sex.) Cause as far as I know, that’s all Laci Green does, sex and other health issues. I once saw a video where she’s explaining to young girls how they should shave their legs…surely she’s a high level demon engaging in those antics…she sold her soul to Lady Bic.

In this country their are entire states that suppress sex education, in many of those states, young girls get pregnant at alarming rates and young women like Laci Green are LITERALLY DEMONIZED, for trying to educate them about their bodies, WTF?

Not having sex Ed, and having all these young girls end up pregnant and then trapped in cycles of poverty that this country will not assist in ending in any effective way, what is the point? How is that not evil? That Robert Stacey guy is just nuts! Like seriously, either people have truly lost their minds or they just say any crazy thing for shock value — satanic death cult? Wow.

Working with the Light!

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