Wow…just wow! I like to argue for the sake of argument; and obviously so do you, but the visuals and the rants…all for me? And all for stuff I largely don’t care about, except people have the right to speak their truth, whatever it is — and that’s a universal right.

People with the guns largely kill themselves, (their wives, their kids, their neighbors) far more often than any imagined boogeyman. I think its wrong. I think killing is wrong especially when it affects innocent women and children, are you really disagreeing with that?

If so, I cannot imagine that there’s anything that I would care to discuss with you, no matter how you try to spin, digress, deflect, pontificate, our visually distract from the facts. Innocent bystanders, many of whom are women and children are being killed by guns.

Maybe Shannon isn’t a reliable source on these issues, but I am. It’s true. It happens. Anyone willing to speak out against it, I support. The NRA is insane and evil, especially because it attempts to ignore, deflect, distract and suppress these facts — or even worse normalize it.

I don’t play the whole, left/right dem/pub game — as I find this as idiotic as the mindless sports fans who lose their ever loving minds over events and relationships that have absolutely nothing to do with them or their lives. Anyone who gives that much power to any system outside of themselves is pretty much a slave to someone else’s agenda.

And so it is with the gun zealots, you fight for things that cause your own demise, without once considering how utterly idiotic this is. Well have it. Get your guns and destroy healthcare as well as any hopes for the health and happiness another generation. Have it all your way. Honestly, I don’t care. I don’t — and won’t ever — live in your world. When I come across people who do, and want to make a change for the better, I will take note.

So many people within these various systems are so divided amongst themselves. Example: so many white men are terrified by the fact that white people are at population zero in many parts of the world. But here in the USA, when any nut can buy a gun and go into a school and kill any number of kids, white kids I might add, what can you really expect? Any nut can buy a gun and kill his wife and kids. What do you expect? You don’t even see how you are constantly working against your own self interests, when you lobby behind the idea that anyone should have a gun.

I have no gun, and I never will. I don’t fear them either, because I don’t invest much time on this pendulum. Guns are much like swords, you live by them you will likely die by them. I personally have no use for them, or all of the insane ideology that surrounds them. Killing is wrong. Especially, women and children. I am going to speak that truth, disagree if you like, but that says far more about you than me.


Working with the Light!

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