Wow. Just wow. You know how before, when you were like… “this makes me sound like a Nazi” and you were being facetious, I thought to myself, “No…you don’t sound like a Nazi at all, and that’s the problem cause I know there’s one lurking somewhere inside.”

Now this! The Nazi has arrived. In full force with all sorts of authoritarian proclamations. Oh what a stupid American society we have here. How do we manage to function without you or someone like you to ascertain who is fit to teach what? Never mind my advanced degrees that qualify me in my country and state to do so. Never mind my extraordinarily high quality prep school education, where I spent years training in an academic sort of olympics, Svetlana says I’m not qualified. Well, that settles it once and for all, everyone else and all the various American institutions that say otherwise be damned!

Well…I kind of am, (qualified to teach) as I have done so for several years and my students love me!

I certainly do not teach any sort of ideology, (what in the world is that rant about?) but I do teach them to think critically and to identify propaganda.

In my classroom I would use an author like you as a perfect example of sophisticated propaganda. I would tell my students, I don’t care if you agree with what she says or not, but I will question you about the accuracy and veracity of information which she presents. What sources does she site? Are these reliable sources? Does she slant the information she presents one way, or another? If so, why? What is her angle? What is her agenda? What kind if game is she trying to play with your mind?

Encouraging people to think for themselves is the opposite of teaching any sort of ideology. I challenge people to think for themselves…and yes if you come in weighing in on an issue half-cocked without all the information, there is a chance, a good chance too, that you will catch a lot of clap back from me. I play devil’s advocate all the time. Everyone should be able to. This is how you truly develop your mind.

There is endless amounts of data regarding institutionalized racism in American society, of which you clearly know very little. I’m African-American, so I know all about it, through my studies and through my lived experiences. Trying to have real conversations about them with my fellow white Americans is beyond exhausting, and while they don’t have the same American experiences, at least they have they same American cultural references.

As for you, you’re not black, you’re not American, you don’t live here, you don’t even observe our experiences in real life, and yet you have appointed yourself the arbiter of what racism is and is not in America as well as the classroom, as well as who deserves to be in the classroom.

Well I guess I have to praise you, you must be God. What a tremendous ego you have on you. How presumptuous of you to invite yourself into this very tense dialogue about race and gender that many Americans are having, and to insist that you have all the answers, from you Ivory Tower in Ireland, of course.

Nothing is as simple as you would like to present; and yes there must be standards inside of classrooms, and yes it is unacceptable for students to abuse their teachers, but if you are truly a gifted teacher you will develop such a rapport with your students they would never dream of abusing you. I never had a single issue with a student disrespecting me — ever.

Furthermore, it is also unacceptable for a teacher to abuse a student, especially physically. Teachers (at least in America) are trained to handle conflict in ways that do not result in violence against a student. Fist-fighting with students is considered highly unprofessional and also illegal, just so you know.

Look, why don’t you just stick to What you actually know, which…I’m not quite sure what that is, but it’s nothing going on over here in America.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!