Wow…Klan rant much? While Umair’s rioting can be hyperbolic and depressing, attacking him for being Muslim (which, not sure that he is) is just really RACIST. You make this assumption about him because of his name?

Secondly the things you say about Muslims really IGNORANT And RACIST. Islam is not all that different than Christianity…it really is not. I know plenty of both, and they both have that same ridiculous cult like zeal, that those of us who are spiritual, find incredibly limiting.

Religion is crowd and mind control, by the power mongerers. But when you speak of Muslims, you are largely speaking of extremists. Acting as of these Muslims represent all of Islam, is like acting like the Klan represents all of Christianity. There are similarities FOR SURE, between the Klan and the evangelicals. But all Christians don’t lynch black people for fun and throw barbecues and parties underneath dead bodies…but a lot of them did do that sick shit…just like the crazy Muslims cut off heads and kill women.

Religion is a playground for a lot of crazy, sick and psychopathic sick fucks — TRUTH.

But Islam is no sicker than Christianity. Stop being so racist, it’s no longer en Vogue.

Working with the Light!

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