Wow…never mind my previous comment, I see your response here. It’s strange to me. Yet and still I liked it…just for being to strange for me!

Okay, so I think you’re anti-feminist, which I’m not. I kinda consider myself a feminist, but I don’t get into a lot of the academic theory on it. I never even knew the term, “patriarchy” until a cousin of my mine, told me she wouldn’t discuss any issues around women’s health with someone who didn’t even know what patriarchy was. (And she said it so condescendingly! I was like, well…okay, let me look this term up.)

I looked it up, and its a relatively neutral term, describing a version of reality that people are either desperately clinging to or desperately running away from, with good reason on both sides.

But my point is…one of them anyway…you’re comparing feminists to Nazis? Okay…just strange!

But even with that, I will offer this: There were actually female Nazis, did you know? One of the best articles I ever read, was written about 20 years ago in the Washington Post magazine about this female Nazi revisiting a concentration camp where she worked.

She told her side of the story, which was kind of sickening, but also, kind of touching and very human, and I believed her. Her basic position was, “look, I didn’t have a choice in this, they came and got me, said I had to go to youth camp..and yeah I kind of had an inkling they were burning people, but what could I do about it? Gimme a break! I was seventeen years old! I was a victim too.”

Of course the Jews went ape. (Sorry if you’re Jewish, if so, I feel your pain and understand your disinclination to be moved.)

But I say all that to say this: Nazis were just ordinary people who happened to perform or be associated with horrific crimes against humanity…and in a way, we are all Nazis, via six degrees of separation. So yeah, I guess feminists are like Nazis.

But most are not extreme in their views, and just want, the right to vote, the right to earn money, the basic right to engage in society in a similar fashion as men do. It blows my mind that these ideas have become so extraordinarily controversial!

Nazis huh? Wow.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!