Wow. Nice thorough piece on something I am clueless about and therefore, have zero opinion on…except to say, you make that NFL season ticket holder thing, sound like a cult. Like, that’s crazy creepy. I know people lose their ever loving minds over sports…but man!

Only football player, I ever paid attention to was the Kapernick guy. I was like, wow an athlete who stands for something. And the sports nuts decided to lose their damn minds over that, even! Like, what’s the issue? He was kneeling! (Like praying…and people lost their goddamn minds! I didn’t get it.)

If you’re not a part of the cult, it all seems like nonstop insanity. I have no clue what all the NFL nutter-butters have got their football tights in a bunch about, now.

So apparently ballers are hiding in a tunnel while the National Anthem is being played!?!? WTF?????

If true, that’s surreal and hysterical! Like it really is!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Anyone who is all caught up into this is a fool.

Working with the Light!

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