Wow!!! Super glitchy! It’s a gift. Unfortunately, most of us glitchy ones are told our glitchiness is a curse. And it sure can feel that way, when it feels like there is no room in the world for you to manifest and ride your dragons.

(I once did a meditation with a dragon, it was awesome!)

I am impressed (always super impressed) by the glitchy ones who never had the glitch beaten out of them, despite best efforts made!

We have value and purpose that I’d guess 80 to 90% of the human race fails to understand, but I know, just intuitively, that it is there.

It takes such an extraordinarily strong mind to buck the system. When I was younger, I was much better at it. But you my dear, have given me much to think about! Glad you read my article on LoA, because as I am challenged (as you have challenged me) it clarifies my own thoughts around this concept, (which, I know it has a bad rap, due to all the hope-peddling conartists.)

And that right there is the problem-as soon as you try to package it and sell it as a product, you have lost almost all credibility to teach anyone anything about it. It just doesn’t work like that.

But more like this: there are multiple worlds, which one do you want to live in, the one you experienced under the tree? Or the dull, drab, one created by god awful programming passed down from disturbed psychologists and other such lost souls?

I bet I know your answer!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!