Wow! Thank you! You really know your jazz! I know all these names, but I know no songs except “A love Supreme” by Coltrane and I think “the A Train” by Duke Ellington. Yes Jazz is pretty dope, but it has no words! Not usually anyway, which makes it hard for me to remember the songs — even when I like them. There are lots of Jazz tunes that I like, but with no words I can’t say, “you know that song that goes…” so it’s hard for me to get Jazz. But Jazz and hip-hop are related, as hip-hop is improvisation sometimes with the lyrics — that’s called freestyling. And some hip-hop is Jazz-bass, which is to say the samples (the music the rappers borrow) is jazz. My favorite hip-hop group of all time, a Tribe Called Quest-is Jazz based. I don’t know which artists they sample, but they mainly sample jazz, just listen, you might know who the jazz artist being sampled are. This is called “Electric Relaxation” Do you know the jazz artist being sampled?

And this is called “ Vibes and stuff”. This is the best jazz song ever!!!!! I don’t know who they sampled for this — but I LOVE the jazz they used for this song. LOVE IT!!!! Especially those instruments, I'm like what is that sound? A xylophone?

Anyway, I think Tribe is the hip-hop equivalent of the Beatles and Q-tip is John Lennon! He finds the jazz musicians no one has ever heard of, samples them, puts them together it sounds amazing!

But I’m going to listen to your guys, see if any of my hip-hop guys sampled them. A lot of the New York hip-hop is jazz based. “When they reminisce over you” has got those sad, sad jazz horns underneath it, so we had to add in those hip-hop beats to make it fly and funky and then we wouldn’t be so sad, playing it at all the funerals. Our generation took the jazz and gave it just a little more umph!

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