Wow! Thanks so much for the shout out! Did you read my entire book? I’m guessing no.

It sort of seems like you are stalking me though. Also cherry picking whatever you want from whatever you have found online.

But I must say, I am too amused!!! That someone I don’t even know, never even corresponded with here on Medium is studying me! Really got under your skin huh?

I’m crazy because I write about institutionalized racism and slavery. Huh. So that makes me 😜. Are you sure about that? Believe me I am super intimate with insanity. Enough to know this: Making diagnoses is illegal if you’re not a psychiatrist, just so you know. Especially when you’ve never actually had a conversation with the individual.

And no…my father wasn’t schizophrenic, but bipolar, those are two very different illnesses. Like I said, I am very intimate with all sorts of mental illnesses. Intimate enough to know that just about everyone has something! They say Trump is a narcissist.

But my dad is bipolar. Very intelligently though — this is gonna kill ya, he went to Harvard! Can you believe it? With Al Gore! He was one of the very first Affirmative Action Babies.

As far as my educational opportunities, oh they are so much more profound that Northwestern.

Non Scholae Vitae Discimus — that was the foundation of my extraordinary superior education. $8000 a year in the 80s!!! It’s around 30 k a year now. Can you figure that one out, cyberstalker? You have seemingly figured out so very much! Bring it home! Tell me where I went to high school. Tell me my mother’s maiden name, as well, so deep is your interest in me.

Also, you didn’t ask my permission to use my intellectual property, and as I have retained all copyrights to my written work, I’m going to have to ask you to remove it from your post. It doesn’t belong to you. This is theft. So please, cease and desist.

I don’t like to brag but my high school education was the best in the world. Everything after that was just a repeat. I got the sort of education reserved for Rockefellers. Truly Rockerfellers! I knew a few of them in the derivative lines.

P. S.

I certainly am crazy, (we all are) but not because I know what is contained inside the US constitution, or the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1991, or the Americans with Disabilities Act, or President Johnson’s executive order that has come to be known as Affirmative Action. Not because I have studied reams of case law devoted to Civil Rights issues. All of this just makes me a really educated black woman, one whom you attempt to shame with a stigmatizing mental illness accusation, to deflect from the truths I write about racism in America and all the laws into which it was deeply codified.

“Oh, never mind any of that, just ignore her. She’s crazy, you see.”

Ha! How incredibly unimaginative. You really need to come harder than that, cyber stalker! Well…you have fun with your cyberstalking. As you can see I am quite amused!

Come back with my high school name, and I will be super impressed!

And as for 😜… have no idea! None.


Working with the Light!

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