Wow! That’s quite a dissertation on the idiocy of clapping! But we’re still gonna do it anyway! What does that say about us?!?!🤣

We do stupid and idiotic things, even when we know they’re stupid and idiotic…just to fit in, to satisfy social norms.

The piece on Charlottesville was good! You got my five claps! I thought the point of the class was to imitate clapping, in which case, you would give people a lot of claps.

This is stupid. I can’t believe I’m trying to figure out virtual clapping.

But Your take on Charlottesville is not my take on it. I watched the Klan, 1000 deep descend on that small town, it was truly some disturbing Nazi Third Reich shift. I am outraged! Arguing with altright, calling them crazy-makers! (I know what I saw.) and yet still wondering, as you implied, if its not all some big psy-op.

I know what I saw, but I didn’t see it in real time or real life, so who the fuck knows, what really went down in Charlottesville?

But I am close enough to do some actual sleuthing and I will because damn it! I want to know the truth, in as much as the truth can be known, anymore.

Trust no one.


The truth is out there.

Who knew that these two x-file cliches from the 9os would become so incredibly relevant some two decades later.

But your piece actually did shift my perspective. The American media is absolutely losing their shit over Donald Trump and this thing, and I sort of don’t get it, cause I’m like, “What? This is Donald Trump on a Tuesday, why are we all acting so shocked and surprised? WTF?”

So…that’s weird, and a little crazy making. But beyond that the whole Nazi KKK rally so close to home, has me shook. There is a whole lot of history here, with the KKK terrorizing black people with impunity.

The KKK burned down my great grandparents house! And they escaped, only because other white people warned them, but the KKK meant to kill them. Them and their seven kids.

So hell yeah. I want to get out of the South. I know the South, and these Southerners never got over the civil war. They really never did…and they want their confederate flag, all their statues and paraphernalia and they want their slaves back. They really do. And they’re not entirely wrong.

I mean clearly I think they are wrong about the slaves. Clearly.

But the South, much like Trump, will never concede this point because they say, the North had no moral authority to justify what it did to the South, during the Civil War.

And They’re right. The North is just as racist and slave obsessed as the South, they just implement it all differently. Northern slavery wasn’t based on race, just the refusal to pay anyone a decent wage. Kinda like right now.

Well…these divisions are deep, and powerful and painful to this day. It’s always been a powder keg situation. Trump just lit the fuse, though.

So yeah I wanna get out of here! I was actually planning on moving to Virginia Beach, sooner as opposed to later…cause I love it. And sure it’s going to fall into the ocean soon, but hey…it’s the beach!

But that’s further South than I already am, and rural America is no friend to those without Boyscout skills. (That’s me…none of those nature skills.) But my sister told me, hey, once they declare Marshal law, we’re heading up to the Mountains. (Our family has land there…and…not much else. No one in this generation knows how to work it! We haven’t a clue!)

Could you get into America these days? I have no idea, but under Trump you’ve got a much better chance than almost everyone else in the world. You speak English and you’re white — and Trump has made it clear that’s all he wants here. He is trying to write that into law, right now. They say he will never succeed. He probably won’t either. The immigration thing is deeply tied into the money thing, there’s no way to easily separate the two at this point. Immigrants equal cheap labor and the corporations are utterly addicted to that.

The altright is losing it’s ever loving mind about Black America, cause Barack Obama. (Who wasn’t even Black, but tan, I’m telling you!) meanwhile our numbers, much like White America’s numbers, are dwindling fast- and Latinx is what’s exploding.

My new neighbors barely speak English and they hate us! (But they have their reasons. We let our dog wander into their yard one time too many and the old neighbors didn’t mind.) If they spoke better English I could explain this (or to be fair I could try to speak to them in Spanish, but I don’t speak it that well typical only fluently speaking one language American, that I am.

And so because white numbers are decreasing drastically in America, I think the Trump Administration is trying to aggressively recruit white immigrants! I’m totally serious! Your chances are decent. But who wants to come here, anymore? America: It is what it is, but it isn’t what it was.

Working with the Light!

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