Wow the best explanation I have heard regarding The rise of Trump EVER! I can really appreciate the humanity that you have provided in your description of Trump supporters, and because you described them so accurately and thoroughly, I’m like hell yeah! I get it! I so get the Trumpism. It still seems to me, to be, however, a nose-spite-face move. Instead of being conned and used and manipulated, let me just burn the entire house down. Wow. So we are really doing this? I’ve been saying this for the past 16 years in America, and the answer is always yes…we are always doing more more progressively self defeating stuff…and you claim that that is not unintelligent. Man, to me it has to be. But it’s not just Trumpaholics who are doing this, it’s all of us who refuse to understand the politics, the economic systems etc…we only have ourselves to blame.


Working with the Light!

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