Wow…these past few days you have been writing stuff that is woke AF! Calling out the hypocrisy of evangelical Christianity, now the ridiculousness of surburban moms crying human trafficking.

This article is crazy on point! It breaks human trafficking (specifically sex trafficking) down for what it actually is, and how it actually works, even though it’s not something that’s easy to understand.

It’s rampant…and guess what? It’s not something our deeply overfunded cops waste their time or resources with because…it’s just too hard. (Like seriously that’s the answer I got from an actual cop about why they turn a blind eye to it, knowing that it is everywhere. )

If you rescue a victim, you have to have a place to put them. There are no places to put these people, so cops put them…wait for it…wait for it…in jail.

Only the best of cops even want to touch the issue…and the ones that do end up putting the victims of it IN JAIL.

And…as you might imagine…that is no better, and often times worse, than be trafficked.

Also victims get moved around from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and even across state lines, making it impossible for local cops to have the authority.

The Feds, as you can imagine, don’t really care to get involved. It is a between the cracks sort of problem that effects everyone, but no one wants the responsibility of it. There are no easy solutions…and so for the most part it just keeps growing and growing…no wonder suburban moms are paranoid.

But, suburban moms and their kids are not usually the target…you’re right about that. Traffickers are bottom feeders who go for low-hanging fruit. They do not want to deal with anyone competent enough to throw a hand grenade into their sick little thief den filled with stolen human bodies.

But on the off chance that they do…and they happen to get caught…do you know what happens to them? A hand-slap, a fine, a few months (if that) in jail…and they are back at it.

Sex trafficking is quite a clusterfuck of a multi-billion dollar industry.

Complicit indeed.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!