Wow…this is deeply, deeply disturbing; and yet I have no doubt, it’s true.

I, much like you, began to investigate these issues, once they hit close to home. When you begin to seriously question, how can this be? You learn pretty quickly, oh but it is, extraordinarily pervasive and just under the surface, not just in Maine, but everywhere.

This is a very sick, very disturbing human problem. Human sex trafficking is now just as rampant drug trafficking, as it is extraordinarily lucrative, more so than drugs, as drugs are more expensive than people. Human sex traffickers reap almost pure profit. With this kind of money on the line, you’re not just battling depravity but also greed.

Steven King, author of It, always, I thought a pretty bizarre horror story, about a demon clown abducting children into the sewers of the small towns of Maine, was maybe an allegory? Maybe this was the story he was to afraid to tell. He said, he had to write It, because growing up in a small town in Maine, he felt that there was always this dark, hidden really diabolical presence, and adults wouldn’t recognize it, but kids were affected by it. I thought this was so odd. I thought, why is he so weird, what could possibly be wrong in Maine? What’s up there, trees? Snow? Not much else I imagined.

But this, puts an entirely different spin on the novel It, and King’s explanation for writing it. Maybe he didn’t know about Maine’s dark history with pedaphelia, but somehow felt it. Maybe he did, but was afraid to confront it directly.

My point is, this is a truth that has probably been trying to force it’s way into the light for a very long time; and it has happened. You’ve been a part of that. Good luck with your pursuit of justice. The time for such justice is now.


Working with the Light!

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