Wow. This is one of the best articles I have read about racism in America; and trust that’s a huge compliment coming from me!

I often tell people, when it comes to racism in America, I’m doing calculus and everyone else is (and I mean everyone else, black, white, Asian, Hispanic) is doing arithmetic. Some just learning their numbers.

I’m a civil rights attorney, who has also dabbled in “Corporate Diversity” which has no turned into the Social Justice Movement, which I think is just Civil Rights 2.0…except social justice is very fluffy and not nearly as restorative in a real write a check, take these actions to correct institutionalized and systemic racism.

Some people in civil rights just thought it was a diversion.

But damn dude!!! This is one of the most comprehensive pieces I’ve ever read on racism!!! As I was reading it and thinking (this guy is white? No way this guy is white!)

You really got your finger on the pulse of racism! You get it and ways that most white people pretend not to.

Oh I don’t believe that most white people don’t understand racism, even if it is at a barely conscious or intuitive level, they understand it.

I do believe that they lie to themselves about it, in all the ways you have so neatly outlined here. And I believe these white lies (pun intended) are a psychological defense of sorts. Most white people associate racism with the KKK (which is ridiculous). And if you’re not wearing a white hood, you’re good!

Come on now. Really, white people?

There are so many acts of everyday racism. And you’ve done an incredible job of listing them all out here.

Bravo! This is incredible!

Working with the Light!

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