Wow…this is seriously, seriously, seriously FUCKED. Like there are no words. I want to vomit. It is so fucked up to take someone else’s culture and shit all over it. Whoever said the Ankara was trashy (and I don’t even know what Ankara is…looks like a cousin of Kente to me, but I realize that might also be offensive) like I seriously want to spit on them. I really do. What an asswipe.

And then they called it trashy?!?!?! WTF!

And I ain’t even Nigerian…just African American enough to be feeling insulted, cause we rock our red, black and green, and I would be pissy as all hell if some white designer stole that style — AND CALLED IT TRASHY.

Fuck you — asshole who called this fabric and print trashy. FUCK YOU.

Seriously pissed. And they don’t look good! Them prints ain’t for them!

It’s like me wearing Laura Ashley or something. I would look as ridiculous as these models wearing the Ankara.

Seriously…people need to stay in their lanes!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!