Wow…those are some circumstances. Those are also some beautiful cats. What do we do with a back totally against the world in a reality that feels like hell? Vibrate out. Reject that reality. Like just reject it. Say, “fuck no, not me, not this.” Just reject it, and believe your rejection, deeply. I offer this because I have done it, (on more than one occasion) and it works.

They want us to believe in that reality. The one where everyone is poor and suffering and it’s their fault. You don’t believe that. This is half of the battle. Not believing.

The next is feeling. Look for the solutions that are OUTSIDE of the f@cked up frequency you are observing now. Fuck that frequency. Feel your way into another one.

You are an artist, which means you create. Don’t underestimate the power in this. Create the reality you want, not the one that you see.

I know it’s easier said than done when you are in the thick of it, but you got to stop believing in all that lack scarcity bullshit. It’s programming. You can reject it, and move on. So maybe it’s time to get off the volcano. Go in peace and abundance. You will find your next home…and don’t Virginia Wolf it until you absolutely have to, but if you do, I would totally get it. Plenty of people are like, “fuck this shit. I’m going the fuck home.” I don’t blame them.

Working with the Light!

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