Wow, very well said, very thoughtful. The most thoughtful response ever, to this particular question.

And in this last post, I wasn’t really wanting to shame or blame anyone, or if I was, I was first pointing the finger at myself. We only get angry, so the poets and philosophers say, over that which we dislike in ourselves.

Everyone has a certain degree of privilege, and everyone can fall into abusive tendencies with it. I am very well aware of how we all abuse our privilege by failing to acknowledge basic humanity…common decency. Honestly, it’s probably very human.

So, I was just wondering what makes people NOT do that, when they don’t have anything to gain. What makes some one say, for example, “you know what? I might not be Latino, I don’t even know all that much about Latinos, but really, having the President of the United States coaching law enforcement on how to deny them their basic rights and humanity, is FUCKED UP!”

And…I know the issue is really complicated. I know about MS-13. I know that there really are “really bad hombres” I also know they AIN’T get deported cause the Feds are no match for them. They know how to hide, and they know how to use more harmless illegals as bait, and torture them with the Feds, and Trump is making their criminal antics easier and easier every speech he makes. I understand these corrupt politics, and how they work. So when do I take a stand? When I know in my heart something is wrong, so very wrong? What do I do and When do I do it? And why do I hesitate? Why do we all?

It takes courageous people like you, and the others who have so eloquently responded to my questions, grounded in a very firm morality regarding the sanctity and validity of human life, to make that stand.

Also, It takes people who have nothing to gain from taking a stand, to move the needle, because when people have nothing to gain it becomes clear that the stand isn’t based in special interests, but just common, basic human decency! So thanks for your efforts, they help us all.

So what I’m taking from this discussion for myself, is It really cannot be just about Black lives mattering, at least not for me. It really has to be about all lives mattering.

Thank you for this really thoughtful response. I truly enjoyed it, and my perspective has shifted, a bit.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!