Wow. Way to do exactly what the article predicted. Of course you’re right, about everything…with your twisted convoluted logic, that completely ignores facts, the subject matter at hand and reality, generally.

Except…no you’re not. It’s just that you probably live in such a deeply delusional world…having a conversation that doesn’t totally confirm your point of view, is utterly pointless. It will only drive you deeper into your delusional…and it’s really frightening to think that we live in a world with so many people completely out of their minds.

This is whats behind all these mass shootings and all this violence…deep and insane delusions, that allow evil to go unrecognized and even applauded, while innocents (children in diapers!) are dehumanized, tortured, raped — this is hell on earth. But this delusion, which if not so dangerous it would be fascinating.

Trump’s America is what? A good time had by all? Can you honestly look at the state of America, or the world even, and say that everything is okay? That the situation- nationally and globally- isn’t deeply, deeply fucked? Do you really think, Big Man Trump is gonna save the day? Make the big bad global boogeyman go away? Bring peace to the Middle East? Bring back jobs? The entire US economy is the biggest shell game ever played…and Trump is cleaning out what’s left under the few shells in play. For that alone, he’s less effective than most politicians, who are only mildly effective at many mediocre things generally.

None of them are stellar or amazing or great, as the hype around most of them would have the general sheeple public believing…but Trump is less than the average or typical, because at the very least, the average politician seeks to do damage control…Trump can’t even be bothered to take on that. He nonstop makes a bad situation worse…devastating wild fires…and people who lost everything are to blame for not “raking.” Wow.

Migrant caravans full of women and children fleeing violence- are actually gang bangers and middle eastern terrorists…even though the Middle East is an ocean away from the migrant caravan country of origin….but that fact doesn’t matter, because scaring you enough that you will blindly co-sign whatever Trump says, is the play…Trump himself said so…and you and your ilk fall for it every time.

What is it like to be a complete and total pawn and to have no awareness of it? Can’t really answer that question, can you? Because you can’t speak to an experience you don’t even know you’re having. But how do you not know this? Especially when the perpetrators of the con, cavalierly report exactly what they are doing and how they do it.

Jared Kushner gushes over how easy it is to manipulate Trumpsters, in whatever manner he sees fit…for money, for votes…for whatever the Trumps may need, for as long as they shall need it. How do people fail to see this? When will they wake up? When they’ve given the Trumps everything? Received nothing in return, except a deeper ability to spew hate and division, due to participation in cult like politics?

Seriously…what is to be gained from the cult of Trump? Jim Jones led his followers to death…do the Trumpsters not see where this is heading?

And this diehard, endless infatuation with Donald Trump, backed with a diehard hateful obsession with Barrack Obama is just pure racism, deeply felt by a class of white people enraged and threatened by the reality that just being white isn’t enough to make you special in America anymore…but do you really believe Trump can fix that?

He can’t. And even if he could he wouldn’t…Trump skins and grins at that Saudi Prince, who, aside from orchestrating the murder of American-journalists, looks blacker than Barack Obama ever did. In Trump’s eyes that Saudi Prince is special, in a way that you or I will never be. You’re not special to Trump. But that Saudi Prince is…and it’s not colors that matter, but numbers. If you can associate yourself with billions, you matter to these politicians. If you can’t, you’re totally kidding yourself to think that you matter at all.

You don’t. Not to any of them. Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton…you mean nothing to them. You’re an ant.

Some ants will run away from the large shoe intent on squishing it. Another will simply worship the shoe as it gets squished. Which ant are you?

Working with the Light!

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