Wow! What a rant! I’ve been slow to respond because honestly I don’t see that it has anything to do with anything I said…about Trump, or anything else really.

Conservatives are shocked by the acts and policies liberals propose and vice versa. For the most part, these people live in different areas of the country and want different things, and want to be governed in different ways. For the most part, we can all get what we want and all this pushing and pulling and infighting over things that really aren’t that important in the larger scheme of things, will soon stop. I’m certain of it. We have much larger concerns on the horizon and no time to deal with idiotic partisan politics.

The Dear Colleague Letter? Have you actually read it? Extraordinarily boring. I doubt anyone has actually read it in its entirety. Pages and pages of boring bureaucratic “guidance” that is largely tossed in the corner to collect dust. Nothing to send anyone from either group into a hysteria — and yet it has; and so I find your hysteria about that as amusing as you find my hysteria about Trump.

With regard to sexual assault on college campuses, which is and has been a problem for many years, the Not Alone report is actually far more groundbreaking in terms of the sort of innovative solutions it has proposed to the problem. It is not your typical bureaucratic nonsense.

The whole mafia grant funding commentary…I quite honestly do not know what to make of it. I agree that violence- against anyone and everyone is wrong, and to combat it, a grant system is certainly not the best way to go about it, but to my experience those seeking grants under VAWA do not deserve to be put in the same category as criminals who sell sex and drugs and other destructive products. No, they are on the other end of that, trying to help the people who are victims of rampant crime and violence.

And as far as violence against men, yes I am well aware that there is a tremendous amount of violence against men, and of course I am strongly in favor of eliminating violence against people-all people, whoever they may be.

But violence is about power, and has very little to do with any particular identity. People in power will use violence against people who have less power — and all throughout history, those most vulnerable to the abuses of power are women and children — and also minorities. Standing up for the underdog or the most vulnerable amongst us, you seem to want to cast that into some anti-conservative movement; and I get it. I see why you would do that, but I think that in doing so, you’ve lost sight completely of what actually occurs in our society, with those who are most vulnerable to the violence. I actually know these people.

But it’s no point in getting into any of that. You will see it differently than me, and I clearly see the issues differently than you — and actually neither one of us is entirely wrong; and that is the persistent problem with these types of arguments.

I told you I was no longer going to engage in them, as they are a stupid waste of time and energy.

Working with the Light!

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