Wow. What an imagination! You really should get to it! Writing up your urban dystopia.

But American War is all the rage amongst people who read and review books. I think people think it’s a clever prediction of where we could possibly end up, given our current political climate. I didn’t get it, until I read this article and came to understand that some states are deeply invested in the oil industry. (Others in coal). As those industries grind to a halt and don’t get replaced, resentment grows. So we actually do have a sort of civil war brewing around energy. It is not as far fetched as it seems. Old energy v. New energy. And there is a lot of old v. New battling going down. Nationalism v. Globalism, banker billionaires v. IT billionaires, …I agree some city life is problematic, but every city isn’t New York or Chicago. I think midsize cities, like Cleveland or Baltimore are okay in terms of not being concrete jungles. A good city will not be block after block of skyscrapers. Your picture looks like its from a building in the Bronx, and yeah, the Bronx is crazy. It looks like something out of sci-fi.

And it’s not like it’s just wealthy elites who live in cities, a lot of really poor people live there too, and that is why you have those urban jungles. Especially in the big cities. But affluent areas of a city are very nice. Problem is, very few people can afford to live in those areas.

I don’t know what the answer is. I think we need both cities and rural areas, and the suburbs too. We need that mix. But rural America is in crisis, as is every poor part of every major city. These areas are in severe crisis, so you’re quite right to point out that cities aren’t optimal places to be, unless you have a lot of money, or don’t mind paying a lot of money to live in a really small space.

But the cities definitely need green energy because demand for energy is so high, it needs to be cheap and renewable, especially since cities support so many people. Really, everyone needs cheap and renewable energy, it’s just that it is easier for cities to make the switch, especially with transportation.

But I hear ya. City life ain’t for everyone. David Icke, a big time conspiracy theorist, believes that the push toward mega-cities is actually a push toward elite global domination. He’s probably not wrong. Get everyone in a city, on the AI radar? How is this not going to be a Big Brother is watching sort of scenario? Especially with the smart houses, that record everything its occupants do? But it might be, as times become more unstable, that kind of constant oversight will be necessary. And AI public safety might have the predictive powers of minority report, punishing people before they even commit crimes. That would be a dystopia.

Well…who knows how any of this is going to turn out? There is so much going on. So much changing, and quickly. Who knows? When the trucks and cars start driving themselves, (and clearly that is going to be a thing soon) this is going to have an extraordinary domino effect on industry, we can’t even imagine it.

But, the world is powered by energy. Whoever or whatever figures out and gets the monopoly on the cheapest, easiest energy is going to be in control. It might be China…it might be Google, but at the rate we are going, it’s not going to be the USA; and that will change things drastically for those of us who live here. Our country only works the way it does because we have a monopoly on the oil. When that is no longer relevant, there will be tremendous economic changes for the USA.

If we want the continue to be relevant as a super power in the world, we probably should be all over the green energy band wagon.

Working with the Light!

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