Wow what an impressive double speak rant. Regardless of what you say, regardless of what any democrats or scientists say — regardless of any of that…everyday I wake up in Northern Virginia- a place that used to have four very distinct and incredibly gorgeous seasons- there is just no telling what the weather will do or be. Spring and Fall have largely dissappeared. Two seasons now, very hot and very cold , with very, very short spaces of moderate in between. All the food taste funny, the base of it has changed…it’s like there is no grain in it. All grain based food stuffs taste fake. SOMETHING IS OFF. Seems like these scientists and environmentalists might be on to something, so until I get my four seasons back and until the food taste like, I don’t know FOOD, I’m going listen to the people who can provide some explanation as to that the frack is going on!

I mean it’s not a hard choice really… listen to people who blatantly lie, say the weather is fine (when it’s either sweltering, or twenty below) or listen to those who actually have some answers regarding the chaos that is the current climate, as well as reasons for why the food suddenly tastes so bad.

People do not have to be brilliant scientists to know that only a complete and total idiot could maintain that something’s not off with the food and the weather.

And as for all you scientists, can you dumb it down a bit when explaining the problems with the food and the weather? Think harder about how to get the message out about how we need to vote, what we need to change to get some stable weather and good food.

Working with the Light!

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