Wow! What an incredible breakdown of the inhumanity of American white supremacy.

It has always been the inhumanity of white supremacy, that has most bothered me. I feel like if you can look at someone being brutally murdered, and not have any kinds of compassion or feelings of disgust, something is off with the part of you that is supposed to be “human.”

But the culture of white supremacy, does indoctrinate and try to force (quite successfully) most white Americans to adopt, to some degree, a certain degree of inhumanity, towards people of color, but also a lot of other living things (animals, nature.)

Caring too much about nature, for example is demonized in at least half of white collective culture. “Tree Huggers” are referred to dismissively, but if you think of it, why shouldn’t we all hug trees? They are magnificent living beings that allow us all to breath. How sick then, is it to not love and appreciate them.

I am so glad to see this article written with such compassion and humanity.

Thank you for your humanity.

🙏 Namaste

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!