WOW. You completely ignored the bulk of everything I said about the white American collective having so much apathy about the loss of black life, in order to go on a semi-coherent but quite hostile rant about Son of Baldwin (a black life who taps into your anger, instead of apathy, because he had the audacity to to suggest that black people respond with the same sort of apathy toward white life, as whites have toward black life.)

THEN, after not once acknowledging, the sanctity of black life (not once!!!) you rant about double abuses of POCs (I guess by Son of Baldwin?)

As long as black Americans have to wait, and wait and wait, to have their humanity valued, an unexpressed rage will continue to build…and believe me, this is far more dangerous than anything Baldwin is saying or doing, because he is expressing the rage — he is canary coal mining it. When the collective rage is largely suppressed and unexpressed- that’s explosive. And, that’s actually what America is dealing with, on both sides of the political and racial divide.

People are angry because the times are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. If you can only focus on one pixel, in the kaleidoscope, if you can’t see all the different perspectives and angles, you will be frustrated by the continuing polarization.

Yes — Let Them All Die is an extreme and attention grabbing headline. And it sounds pretty terrible, and would be really terrible if you didn’t see/ live through all the circumstances that have been leading to this. Headline and headline the past five years or so of black people randomly slaughtered in streets on video. Just keep ignoring that part…at your own peril. You will fail to understand the cause of all the polarization, because you don’t understand why people are being pushed into extreme views, and you will fall victim to the same phenomenon.

In fact, I think you already have. Remember this:

Robert Frost said, “Education is the ability to listen to almost anything.”

When should we stop listening? With Son of Baldwin, we’re not there yet. We are dancing with the devil. I will grant you that, but no, neither he, nor his readers are on the dark side yet.

Working with the Light!

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