Wow! You have a lot to say, given the haphazard label you threw upon yourself. It is an interesting perspective. However…I’d like to point out, I don’t think anyone is being demonized for their anger about clusterf@ck of economic conditions, which have a multitude of causes. People are being demonized for real hateful thoughts and behaviors. If you are a white supremacists, you are probably engaging in speech and activity that is deplorable.

But as far as economic pressures and problems, they are affecting EVERYONE in America, but white Americans the least. Which is to say white Americans still hold far more wealth than any other type of American. So, not only do all the other Americans have to deal with mounting economic pressures, but also, this extreme anger coming from a segment of white America, that seeks to scapegoat these others as the source of their problems, when this is just not true.

The other is not the cause of these major economic upheavals. — technology and international trade are the primary causes. But you cant harass, bully or lynch technology. You can’t shut borders down economically or politically either, it just wont work. So instead of accepting the new stark reality, that globalization and technology has completely disrupted old economic systems — we blame each other to release frustration?

I see all kinds of people doing this, but honestly I never see these people getting ahead, ever. Why is this? Suffering and then doing something destructive only further deepens the suffering. The election of Trump, how does anyone really think that’s going to play out? Is America going to be great again? When is that going to happen and what is it going to look like?

Working with the Light!

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