Wrong. There is a lot that is intrinsically valuable about diversity. Just take a gene pool, the more diverse it is, the higher chances for a better, well rounded, multi-faceted human.

The less diverse, the more inbred, the weaker and more defective the humans become.

And that’s biology, well known biology, and the reasons we all know it’s not ideal for brothers and sisters to mate with one another.

This example extends to a lot of other areas. Now certainly there are problems with diversity, the biggest being that it breeds conflict far more easily than homogeneity does.

But both have value. The thing is we are at a point and time in history where the powerful value diversity more than homogeneity, because they understand the value of it and make far more money because of it. And the conflict diversity brings isn’t much of a problem for them. It’s a problem for the Google manifesto writer, but not a problem for Google. Who do you think is going to win this fight? The guy or Google?

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!