Ya know? But the MAGA Mcbootlickers are amazingly skilled at astounding hypocrisy, where white men who run up to a governors house, with assault weapons, screaming, yelling and lynching effigies of her, are “peacefullly protesting” but young black kids who sit on lawns (just sitting mind you) are a “lawless, Marxist mob” to be thrown underneath the jail.

These fuckers lie, lie, lie, lie, lie and say every majorly fucked up thing they do is GREAT!!!!! And when they can’t spin “grabbing by the pussy” or pictures with psycho billionaire pedos, they just ignore it…act like it doesn’t exist.

There is enough blame and shame to go around for all the politicians and parties right now…for the most part though, you don’t see Democrats crawling up Biden’s ass claiming they are eating and smelling Belgium chocolate. Mainly Dems (and normal humans) just want to be done with Trump, by any means necessary.

But Trumpsters…my God…they are so up Donald Trumps ass, Trump could come into their town, and select 100 of them to kick in the teeth. They would grovel at his feet and beg for more kicks in the face…there is nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, this man could do, that they would oppose.

This isn’t political…this is some kind of creepy mind control.

And can you imagine having to live along side such mindless freaks? I mean they are turning this country into the Walking Dead, literally. They don’t think. They just hate. And as soon as Trump pushes a hate button, they show up in legions! Like fucking zombies, screaming and spewing and co-signing whatever the Trump lie for the day is.

Let’s see, right now the lie is that Joe Biden is going to integrate the suburbs with yucky nonwhite people, and turn all of America into a slum.

Such a silly, simple lie…but it works…and so the MAGA ites are frothing are the mouth, cheering on Trump’s Gestapo; and what the MAGA ites don’t say is that they’re all for constitutional rights, for white male Republicans…but no one else. When you are talking about Black youth having some rights? Oh hell no! That was NEVER any Republican or libertarians intention.

Many of them are full on coming out in defense of slavery, unapologetically; because they have been backed in a corner…where do you stand really? Do you think that Black Lives Matter?

They will never say Black Lives Matter…and so, now they are forced to explain why black lives don’t matter. They do this by telling lies.

The current lie is that these Portland protesters are wreaking havoc, are animals, thugs, people who deserve to be snatched up in vans and enslaved and/or killed. They are in full-on Hitler mode right now. And there’s no walking them back from that or talking them down. The full on racists are taking their stand…against all the anti-racists…be racist or die.

Working with the Light!

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