Ya know Paul…you remind me of my college economics tutor Efron. He was a brilliant, idiot savant type mathematician…and I was…well me…smart enough to grasp some really far out concepts, but not really bright enough to go into any of them in depth.

Anyway, as stupid as I must have seemed to him, he never gave up on me…he just kept at it. But then, one day, even he got frustrated and said to me, “why aren’t you getting this! It’s just calculus!”

“Just calculus!” I exclaimed. And then, I gave up on myself. Just calculus…why I outta…Calculus! I was barely keeping my head above water in precalc, guessing about sins and cosins. Hoping to pass on sheer desperation. I did. D+ if I recall. I think that’s a teacher’s way of saying, “God! You suck at this! Still, I don’t have the heart to fail ya!”

Anyway…I have to admit, he taught me some economics…not the part involving calculus.

But some…I get supply and demand…but still failed economics. Apparently mastering that one concept isn’t enough to pass Econ. I’d argue it should be…what else is there really…just hundreds of variations on that particular theme…you know?


I say all that to say this…you just might teach me something yet, Paul Easton…just maybe…

Working with the Light!

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