Yeah and that’s not going to change.

As I said, there is a frustration and anger that has been building for decades, with regard to the institutional discrepancies with law enforcement and minorities. All lives matter, or for that matter innocent lives matter, just seems like a clever way of avoiding or discrediting the phrase black lives matter; and it is necessary to make the distinction because the idea that black lives do not matter has been deeply institutionalized within almost all the aspects of the American justice system, dating back to slavery, and the Dred Scott decision and 3/5ths of a person and other such inhumanity.

So yes, black lives matter is a very intense response and reaction to centuries of black lives not mattering and honestly, the extreme resistance to the phrase is just a resistance to changing this status quo. If you really take issue with the phrase “black lives matter” I really, really, really challenge you to ask yourself “why?” What is that about?

And it really shouldn’t be so hard for anyone to say. I have no problem saying “white lives matter” and I certainly wouldn’t have a problem saying this if I saw white people being casually shot down by police at least once a month. In fact if I did see that, I think I would have to say, “white lives matter.” I wouldn’t be able to summarily disregard or ignore the brutality being inflicted upon white people. It just doesn’t seem right to me.

But MANY see this situation totally different, and I get that, which is why I find this last police shooting so fascinating. Because all of the people who usually can justify a police shooting, no matter what the police officer did, or how he did it (jump on the hood of a car and shoot an unarmed black man in it 147 times? oh yeah that’s fine…because well, no reason needed…cause he was black and in Cleveland and oh, yeah) are unusually silent, despite the fact that an entire country is now looking at American law enforcement like WTF.

I still want to know where are all the endless defenses of this particular law enforcement officer, for all of those who are so overwhelmingly “the cop is always right.”

My point is, if you’re going to take that position: and many whites do, it needs to be taken consistently and if you can’t take that position right now, then clearly all the other times you took it you were motivated by racism, even if you lied to yourself and truly believed you were not.

But if, by your words and deeds, you create a monster, that monster will eventually come for you. All of this justification of brutal law enforcement behavior has consequences for all Americans, not just black or brown ones.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!