Yeah, based on the responses to this article, man a lot of people are feeling extremely touchy about even being asked to consider the idea that white privilege exists…and I get it, as do you. But it was a really good article, well thought out, I recognize the many truths articulated here. I found this article by reading Svetlana Voreskova comments. She compared you to Hitler, and so of course I had to read what prompted that response. Wow. Hitler. Do you believe that? All because you wrote, this is what white privilege looks like. How do you go from that to Hitler? Svetlana finds a way. I am actually less interested in reading about white privilege — which I understand all too well-than I am interested in understanding why some white people find other white peoples honest discussions about racism so threatening that they would compare them to Hitler. Does this seem extreme to you? Do you get a lot of these kinds of responses, in real life? What do you think is behind them?

Working with the Light!

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