Yeah, but that’s typical racial politics in America. White Americans largely HATE these comparisons because they are loath to admit two things:

1. What has happened to black communities back in the 80s (with the crack epidemic) is the same thing that happened to white communities in the 21st century with meth and heroine

2. They absolutely don’t want to admit number 1 because that would mean that blacks were actually victimized and would be owed some sort of retribution for it, and this idea they (the whites now in distress, facing the same community threats) utterly cannot stomach.

Meanwhile, the force behind the drug/ gun/ prison industrial complex, takes it victims whatever the color, and stokes the flames of racial division for profit.

Don’t expect any of these things to change in the near future. The dynamics of racial politics (one of which is that blacks are always to blame for anything that ever goes wrong with us and our communities) are deeply embedded at a subconscious level in the minds of both black and white Americans. These dynamics change very slowly, if at all.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!